Series That should have Fighting games?


My Little Pony, Marvel,Persona, . hack, it seems there are fighting game incarnations of everything. hell, even Full House got a fighting game. so i can’t help but wonder, what other series do you want to see converted to fighting games? my personal 2…

**Marvel Super Hero Squad vs. Pocket Fighter:**You know you fucking want it.

Yu-Gi-Oh: I am not even fucking joking when i say this series has enough tools to actually make a good fighter. you can select the Duelists from all the series and they can call out monsters to battle with them with a JoJo-esque battle system. they can call out more powerful creatures to do battle with hyper combos or some shit, and like they could have an ultimate monster called out when a max bar attack is performed. it may be hit-or-miss though, since Konami has made some really good fighters(TMNT Tournament Fighters) and some really bad ones(Castlevania Judgement) but this would still be fun to check out.

what are your personal series you want made?


I’d love to see…

Arc System Works v. Capcom: Made by ASW.

Accel World: This is based around a fighting game called Brain Burst which installs to its players brains and allows them to alter their perception of time in the real world. Why the actual game doesn’t exist is beyond me; it looks fun enough. Most similar to Anarchy Reigns when compared to currently released games.


Fixed that for you. >_>


Fire Emblem, IMO.


I see what you did there.


Just put all the Metal Slug characters and unused KOF characters in the next/current KOF (DLC) and I can die happy, fighting game wise anyways…


Motherfucking Shadow Skill. Why THIS isn’t a fighting game is beyond me.


Samurai Pizza Cats. Now that it looks like the copyright issues around it have been worked out and merchandise is finally being released, now’s the time for it.




This is an interesting idea, but unfortunately we have a “no wishlist threads” rule for this forum.