SERIOUS: 250 for a custom built fight stick - Any takers to build one for me?


I am new to this site and after spending some time navigating my way through it, I feel it is the perfect place to ask the following question:

I am based in the UK and I am willing to pay 250 for a sh*t-hot joystick to use on my Xbox 360 to play Street Fighter.

Is there anyone out there willing to use their expertise and experience to build it for me?

Please get back to me to discuss the specific requirements.

In brief, the layout of buttons, size of casing etc would be the same as the Mad Catz TE fight sick but I would require different art work, case materials and only the best Sanwa parts throughout. After doing my own research, I feel confident I could ‘mod’ a HORI EX2 stick but could no way build anything from scratch to a superb standard.

I feel that 250 could easily get me a no expense spared, top quality parts throughout, bomb proof Street Fighting joystick that I can hammer for years to come without fault.

Anyone willing to take this commission and build me a piece of technology that gaming legends are made from ???

I am deadly serious so only those with genuine interest need respond.


for those who are not in UK:

250 British pounds = 365.6 U.S. dollars


There are some people selling custom sticks on the trading outlet.

250 ($350) is quite a lot of money that you are going to part with. Most of the custom sticks are composed of top quality parts. I’m getting one from Lazeeya and thats costing me 180, full sanwa with some modifications to the joystick.

Great, now you can delete your post in the custom stick picture thread.

Forgive me for being cautious but I smell a scam. You could buy one for an awful lot less than that.

Isn’t the UK (and susbsequently, the British Pound) experiencing extreme inflation right now?

Anyway, I just spent $380 American on a Kaytrim stick so 250 Pounds doesn’t seem SUPER ridiculous. Thats a stick with ALL the bells and whistles though (LED mods, fancy hardwood, etc.).

It seemed like a lot to me at the time but, eh, whatever: I still have a PS3 TE stick to sell.


check out my references and send me a PM in case you like it.



Hi if you are interested I have a few pics on my profile, and am pretty open to feedback from the customer as long as your expectations for a stick are realistic (still workin on the flyin part lol). Just shoot me a PM, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

THE BUBINGA! Haha, sexy stick.

if i was going to spend that much money and i was in the UK i’d hit up laurie47. laurie’s work is so good.

any pictures?