Serious Guile players SFV - Tourney and High Rank - BlakeSandBox



I made this tread with the intent of helping and getting “help” support from all you Guile folks out there -

Once you main Guile there is no going back. With that said I have heard all the net murmuring taking Guile out of context in terms of gameplay, looks, and over all mechanics of his combo structure. True If your not a Guile player and don’t know much about charge characters his game play can look (at times) a bit elementary. But for an older player like me pushing 40 Guile is perfect… In-fact I placed (BlakeSandBox) 256th place at EVO… 256th place? you may say? Yes… That the greatest placement but for my first EVO This was a paramount achievement in my life. A touchstone (If you will…) –

Here are the highlights of my EVO18 Trip

Review my gameplay, analyze my skill set or (lack thereof) and give me some feedback -

Please post your highlight videos here as well. I enjoy watching other Guile players, I learn this way, and for me its great entertainment