Serious HRAP2 problem......Help me someone!

So recently I got myself an HRAP2 and I started using it 5 days ago after getting my pelican converter. So anyway, there I am playing the smash the car bonus round on third strike and then suddenly “BAM” my stick decides to detach itself from the underside of the faceplate and now i’m left with a little something like this:

This shit kinda took me by surprise cos there is no way i’ve abused this thing, so how can something like this possibly happen? Is there any way that this problem can somehow be fixed?

How handy are you with a blowtorch? Looks like the mounting plate detached from the faceplate.

That’s pretty crazy.


  1. You got yourself a lemon somehow.


  1. Maybe a more abusive and rough with your sticks than you think?

But yea… basically have to reattach the bracket like AmbiguousCrosup said or you could drill some holes and bolt/screw it back on.

Damn, much appreciated for the quick reply…I can honestly say i’ve never used a blowtorch and I wouldn’t know where to start i’m afraid. My dad on the otherhand is a mechanic and deals with welding, blowtorches and stuff like that so it might be worth asking him.

Is there anything important I should know before going ahead and getting this thing blowtorched?

It could be either, I dunno? I wouldn’t say I over abused it though, surely this thing can take some punishment right?

I actually was thinking of drilling some holes and screwing it back as a solution, but i’m pretty useless when it comes to things like that.

make sure it aligns itself correctly to its previous spot. I’d also take the stick out beforehand.

Thanks for the advice AmbiguousCrosup, very very much appeciated :tup:

Blow torch? Quit praising AmbiguousCrosup:looney:

You need it spot welded back on, but the heat may burn the art but, getting it welded back on it the best solution. Take it to your muffler shop.

You could also try JB Weld.

I’m not really that concerned about the artwork tbh, it’s the least of my worries. JB Weld seems like a good and less messy alternative to spot welding but how well does that stuff work anyway? I might just consider it…

I always use JB Weld in conjunction with some other sort of fastener or in a less strenuous app. RockCho’s use of fasteners sounds good too.

I think i’ll get myself some JB weld then and hopefully I should have my HRAP working again in no time and seeing as i’ve had to open my stick up I may aswell mod it at the sametime while i’m there.

Thanks NotANoob81 and AmbiguousCrosup for the words of wisdom…:smile:

That’s what I meant. Weld it back on.

I believe that soldering the whole border should be reasonably effective, but can’t tell 4 sure.