Serious Problem with Spidey's AMS Super



I am relatively new to FG and 2 weeks into UMVC3. Been working on Spiderman’s BNB combo. Was easy to pick up: This is it

cr.L cr.M cr.H WebSwing.L j.M j.M j.S st.M st.H SpiderBite.H - H cr.H st.S superjump j.M j.M j.H WebSwing.L AirMaximumSpider

The first combo in the Shoryuken thread list. IT DOESN’T HIT. I get the first 17 hits, pretty much on lock. In the hours I’ve practiced this combo, AMS doesn’t land, even when I do it so fast his body barely lifts! And he definitely hasn’t started flipping yet. I’ve watched YT variations of this combo, and it looks like they get more distance between the body an Spidey than I do, and I read one combo it doesn’t work in corner. Does it not? I try it midscreen and still whiffs the super. help please? Whenever I play my friend I stubbornly stick to it and it gets punished hardcore.

Need help on basic Spidey BnB

For midscreen it would be a lot easier if you do M web swing instead of the light version. For when you are in the corner, you need to do Heavy web swing or else it won’t connect, I hope that helps.


Really, okay, that’s really weird. I will try the H in the corner and see how it works. But i think it’s more hit deterioration because if i just launch and do j.m j.m j.h web swing.L AMS it works. in the whole combo it doesnt


Tried it: webswing.H doesn’t even hit.


If you take out one j.M and the cr. H before you super jump I am pretty sure it will connect. That is what works for me. You might be able to keep the cr. H but I suggest you try it without it then add it in.


Where do i take out the j.M. In the air?

I’ll try doing that and seeing if it works and if it does, just stick to it. But I see vids of the original combo working so Idk. Annoying lol. Thanks for the advice


you take it out before the H web swing in the air. So it would be
cr.L cr.M cr.H WebSwing.L j.M j.M j.S st.M st.H SpiderBite.H - H st.S superjump j.M j.H WebSwing.H AirMaximumSpider
cr.L cr.M cr.H WebSwing.L j.M j.M j.S st.M st.H SpiderBite.H - H cr.H st.S superjump j.M j.H WebSwing.H AirMaximumSpider
Hope it works for you.


You can do :l: spider sting instead of :h: to make the last :h: web swing connect. If it does not work, remove the first s:m: and it will work.


Am I correct to try this notation then? I tried desklamp’s change and it didnt work. Will add in the L spider sting and see if that makes the H web swing connect. Thanks so far! I really need this bnb down :frowning: It’s my first one for the game.

cr.L cr.M cr.H WebSwing.L j.M j.M j.S st.M st.H SpiderBite.L - H cr.H st.S superjump j.M j.M j.H WebSwing.H AirMaximumSpider

Btw how do you do the notation for L with a pretty blue circle L?


You can check them on the smiley’s option when you click more options. :smiley:

The notation I was referring to is:

c:l:c:m:c:h: WebSwing:l: j:m:j:m:j:s::h: SpiderSting:l:~Bite c:h::s:sj:m:sj:m:sj:h:WebSwing:h: AMS.


Damn, mine didn’t work lol. Raoh’s will probably work. He is much better with combo’s and stuff than me :slight_smile:


Can anybody help me with the zip otg after the web throw L then dash?


Gotta quote myself on this…