Serious Proposal: 6-month lock on new users for Creating Threads

SRK has been growing lately. Wonderful! More posters means a higher quality forum with better content, right?

Wait, no. Instead, we get threads like this:

This thread is being made in Fighting Game Discussion because this (and SF4) are the two most heavily affected subforums.

Like most respectable, user-heavy forums, it’s time for SRK to adapt and implement at least two new Forum Rules:

  1. No new thread creation for 6 months after account creation
  2. No posting in threads for 1 week after account creation

First of all, this would eliminate 99% of spambots, and prevent the ever-so-popular joke/revenge accounts from being created and wasting more bandwidth.

On top of that, while SRK still has great moderation, there are simply too many users and threads now for moderators to notice every question that has been asked several times and the trolling that takes place almost exclusively from newly registered users.

The most important aspect of growing isn’t numbers, it’s retention. Does it really matter if we get 50,000 more SRK members after SF4 comes out if 49,900 of them stop visiting after they realize what a wasteland this forum is becoming? While some new users would be annoyed by the rules (and they should be), this will force new users to actually read the available threads for information which will get their questions answered before the seventh thread about the same topic gets made.

Personally, I think this is long overdue and that this is a topic for serious discussion among moderators and regular members. Do we want SRK to be the definitive forum for fighting game information and discussion, or do we want it to be a Livejournal for new users to create threads every day about which version of SF4 they decided to purchase?

Again, many respectable online forums have implemented rules like this after reaching a certain size, and it’s time for SRK to come around.

I think a half of a year is a little steep though. 4 or 5 months at the most maybe. I used to frequent another thread way back in 2002 which had a lot of freedom for the users. Of course over a course of about 3 years they began to abuse it with signature images the size of wallpapers followed by a paragraph and a half of what they felt was a “deep” quote. Then they removed the chatroom which is weird because the word “chat” was in the name of the damn site.

Not too long after that they just inforced insane amounts of rules. Your post has to be more than one line. You can’t use “u” or “r” as words and other annoying things. Now the site which was booming with people is no desolate as hell because everyone up and left. The owner was running shit like a Nazi over there.

All, I’m saying is I hope this site doesn’t end up this way. I lurked SRK since 02 every so often to get the scoop. Finally made and account in 07, and actually started posting in 08. Over the course of that time I havent seen or remembered any huge site changes over those years.

Once the hype for SFIV dies (Amongs the scrubs and people who claim to be getting into fighting games now) I think members won’t join up as much for no real reason. When I go to Kotaku sometimes you see a Street Fighter IV update and it usually credits SRK for the information. When people see stuff like this they get curious and stop by to make an account.

They soon realize that this isn’t the best place to just make BS intro threads and “What’s better Street Fighter or King of Fighter” threads. You know, the gamefaqs boards treatment. As for bots, I don’t really know how to dealwith that type of stuff. I usually ignore the thread if the OP seems extremely useless or out of place. Others could learn not to encourage it by posting silly stuff inside of it and making it 3-4 pages long.

I’d say all that would do is just make the idiocy occur six months later.

Also it means every person would have about 4-5 alt accounts to use in case of something happening. (Against the rules, but rarely enforced)

One thing that might work is a 30-day rule on SF4 and FGD forums only. Maybe waive it if the person pays premium (someone paying for the site is less likely to do something to get their paid account banned)

I think one/2 month registration requirement (regarding creating new threads) would be fine…6 months is kinda ehh, really harsh. As for the one week ban before you can post anything…well I think that might be fine for the first 2 months of sf4s release. theres going to be a lot of duplicate/noob questions and closed threads galore. myself as well as the other mosd cannot catch everything.

of course its not up to me at all, just posting my input. I dont want srk to turn into emo livejournal either :frowning:

here here, i agree 100%

I’m not a avid srk user, but in the last couple of years i’ve notice alot of stupid threads “what’s the correct way to hold a stick” and so on, i think the mods are far to forgiving personally

That might work out alright, maybe 6 months is a bit harsh. Also, a premium account to avoid the 30-day wait is a great idea. It’s definitely encouragement to read what’s available before clicking “Post New Thread”.

There should be a minimum post limit before you can create a thread. Cause spam gets caught quick, so newbies can’t shortcut their way to getting Flamed Up or getting DAT BANNAGE. But this SF4 fad won’t last long so SRK will go back to some normalcy at some point.

Here Here :smokin: been here for almost a year, so I can dig that


Minimum post doesn’t work. Dustloop does (or did?) this for avatars. You just end up with a bunch of people posting a bunch of crap, trying to get past the post requirements for whatever.

I think a permanent restriction is a bit much…

Were it me, I’d consider restrictions on new threads for a few months prior to a major release, similar to the way many of rabbit shelters freeze adoptions around Easter. People get all wound up in the hype and can’t help but act retarded.

Once the game is out, they’ll all have better ways to spend their time, spam won’t be as much of an issue… hopefully.

i agree 100%, but i say 90 days.

Rules for newly registered users at one of the most popular web-forums I frequent:

  • Cannot create threads until registered for 3 months.
  • Can only post once per day for first month (this works amazingly)
  • Can only post three times per day in months two and three

This cuts down on so much wasted posting it’s unreal. And by the time new members, especially those who don’t frequent forums often and are registering on SRK as one of their first forums, get past the first three months, they won’t be chomping at the bit to spam posts like they do now.

No matter what soft rules you place on the forum. Like a stick with “don’t make threads about TE sticks” or “don’t make tutorial requests” etc. people are going to do them. Hard rules, such as post limitations, are the only true way to filter out bad content.

On IRC people have been casually joking about SRK becoming like Gamefaqs but once SFIV comes there are going to be floods of new users. Hard rules are necessary to deal with it.

I think 6 months is too long. Maybe 1-2 months before creating a new thread and a week before you are even allowed to post.


One week before you can post.
After the initial week we should apply the 5 Minute Rule for posting for the first 2 weeks for all new members.
Can’t make any threads for 2 weeks.
+all the trading outlet rules.

6 months is way too harsh. 2 weeks should be enough for a person to get a rough idea on how SRK works and what not to do. If not, infraction. They still don’t learn? 1 week ban.

Also I think we should close down registration for a short period of time, say 2 weeks to a month so we don’t get the same shit storm we got when SFIV was announced. I don’t know if it’ll stop it. But it will help immensely.

i think moderation is a bigger issue than new users. theres plenty of absolutely horrible posters that have been around for years. honestly i think its pretty laughable that guys like SK have some kind of reputation as “mod nazis” when the moderation here is actually pretty lax compared to many forums… look at a forum like something awful… regardless of what you think of the people who post there (most of them are pretty gay) at least theyre required to type correctly, be reasonably coherent and have some content in their posts, none of which anyone seems to care about here.

even the worst posters get way more breaks than they would on other forums. guys like spudlyff8fan and that one guy ‘above omnipotence’ or whatever, Emil, and a bunch of other annoying guys i cant remember are basically allowed to get away with trolling forever and if they eventually do get banned its like for one week or something. mods need to ban far more swiftly and far more harshly. first ban for a week, second for a month, third perma. and make these ip bans, not the fucking account bans that everyone gets that just allow them to sign up again underneath a different name because this makes banning people at all totally fucking pointless.

i realize i sound like a total hypocrite saying this seeing as all i do is troll but the fact is the level of discussion here is so low that it’s not really worth expending the effort to rise above that seeing as it will be lost on 99% of the user base anyway. most people here would rather post in the “what is your favorite game?” and “post a list of every fucking game you own” threads than actually contribute to any actual discussion and that’s really something that has to stop. my guess is that admins will be reluctant to do this tho seeing as the only way to really fix this forum is to cull at least 25% of the posters here

There has to be some happy medium to where new members can enjoy the site without looking like idiots. Rookies should just lurk before jumping in. We have the Forum Rules then the Common Sense Rules in which the majority of both are always ignored. There should be just the rule that matters…Post like you’ve been here since the begining. But either way no matter what the mods do and what we do as members the bullshit is still gonna get through the filter. So hopefully we can find the happy medium and this shit can be resolved, somehow.

6 months is too much. The one week post is pretty ok.

Also, to the members who been here a while, stop posting in the thread if its a shitty thread, just let that shit fall the bottom.

Finally, stop posting “in before lock” that shit is stupid as fuck and serves no purpose whatsoever.

If new people can’t make their own threads, there should be a tag system when making threads and searching. Because searching for words either in thread titles (can’t put much there) or random single posts rarely helps people find the info they were looking for.

I think more mods would be more appropriate than anything else.