Serious question about money making in the fighting game industry


Who brings the cash in?

That’s what I want to know…

Is it the 1,000 players world wide that compete, promoting the game, bringing in casual players that might buy it and only play for a few months or less? or is it the 100,000 casual players from the get-go?

My justification for each though…

Tournie players will buy the game, some even several copies (like in my case, and my copy of ST for every home release that was available, real, and a few bootlegs, but I do own a legit copy of each version) Competitive players also tend to get people that wouldn’t have given the scene a second glance involved even for only a short period of time, but in that time, they could have at least popped a token in the arcade machine if not bought the game. Tournie players also buy merchandise, like Tees, action figures, trading cards, and other such things. However, these players are also notorious for bootleg copies (look at MvC2… I haven’t seen a real disc other than the one I own for a while now)

Casual players are the ones that will just be in a pizzaria and pop a quarter in a machine to the ones that will buy the game, play for a few weeks and never play it again. These players put money into the purchasing of the actual game, moreso than tournie players, beacuse there’s more of them buying copies… BUT, they also feed the game back into the used game retail market, which the industry really doesn’t see a penny from. Casual players also don’t put any money into the merchandising end of the scene, other than maybe a poster or a comic book here and there.



You’re talking about now, or in the past when people actually went to arcades?


The tournament players bring longevity (which can make money over time), but the casuals bring in the actual dollars.

As for the merchandising end of the scene, you’re mistaken. Casuals are the one who spend the most money on useless shit. A tournament player will buy his tools, but it’s the casuals who buy action figures and posters, etc.

I don’t know a lot about arcades, but unless I’m mistaken you don’t have to pay to play again if you win, so again it seems casuals should be the ones spending more.


yeah, I suppose you’re right there.