Serious Suggestions for Ibuki in AE Update!

I made this thread to be a more serious update thread, where a Capcom balancer can come and take some ideas. Yes, we have the wishlist, but that was created before we knew about the update. Here we can make a good list of things we believe should definitely be implemented and other things that should be considered. I dont want the thread to be bogged down with ideas like “kazegiri should be 3f” (exaggeration, but you get the jist of it). Basically, a more purposeful thread.

if im in the wrong, ill delete/void this thread. but without further ado, I compiled some of the best ideas from the old thread that should be either implemented or discussed in a certain sense, or some that are controversial enough to have the back and forth. I would love to hear good thoughts, and again, if this thread is okay to stay, please keep your ideas in mind with the fact that these changes would be used against the whole cast and not just one match up. think about the ramifications of such changes, not only against our bad match ups, but our good match ups too. again, i want this to be the best changes/ideas for the new update thread on SRK :smiley:

also please correct me if im wrong. im not the best with frame data.

things i feel are necessary

-either make cmd jump useful or remove it. i dont want it there if it has no use

-make hein safe on hit at least. The fact that ibukis only use it for hit confirming super or against zangief is ridiculous.

-fix hitbox. this sounds stupid but about half of her foot doesnt have a hitbox(or hurtbox, the one that makes owwies)

-bonsho kick, fix hit(or hurt)box so that itll hit someone doing’s. also lessen the adv on block to -2. we shouldnt be using this on grapplers anyway.

-fix that fucking bullshit. that hitbox pic is sad. I honestly dont care if you take out the TC part to make it a better poke/footise tool. im sick of getting sweeped when i use it. does ryu or sagat get sweeped on their!

Looking for discussion on to cr.lp/st.lp a little easier. as a rushdown character, i believe she should have most/all the benefits other rundown characters do. as far as i can remember, making it +5(adding one additional frame of adv to on hit will only increase the ability for linking into lp and would add the 1f link of xx (which isnt all that useful). It would also make xx TC4 1f easier and i dont know if that would make the whole thing not worth adding that frame.

-ex.dp lowered to 4f startup OR ex.dp 1~7f invincible. broken?

-if unblockables fixed, maybe +4 on hit for lk. tsumuji?

-if unblockables fixed, do something with

-make neckbreaker distance after hit to super?

-make the in tc5 cancellable to an extent. its kinda useless atm, or am i missing something?

-i dont mind this, but there is community talk about making ex.neckbreaker drop at the same place as normal neckbreaker? (I feel there is no need, but it is here for discussion)

-do something about sazan being the worst slide in the game?

-more differentiation between raidas?

-FADC possible neckbreaker?

possible nerfs
-overhead adjusted down 1-3 frames on block. its now +3 on block, plus airborne benefits? its a bit op when looking at some of the other overheads. (i hate rufus, but even his overhead is -1 on hit)

THIS IS NOT A STATIC LIST! ill be updating it as i see topics lose or gain reason.

Lol you just wanna broke ibuki. With that changes that you´ve wrote, she would be sooooo OP. I´m not agree. Ibuki need nerfs, she is between top 5-7, and if fei, cammy, akuma and the rest of the top tiers get nerfed, she would be so fucking broke.

I posted my suggestions on the other thread (Ibuki wishlist) in case anyone want to check them.

I can´t understand how people still think she will get buff…when a big nerf is coming.

most people would disagree with you, including me. I do not believe she is top 5-7. i believe she is brushing 10th-ish, even that, barely
most of these arent buffs, moreso changes. if everything on my second list didnt make it, i wouldnt be mad at all. but thats why i left them for discussion. so discuss it?
do you think that a safe on hit Hien is broken? i really wanna hear a detailed answer, not just “you’re stupid and your changes are stupid”. please explain your point otherwise you are not contributing.

If you take a time to read again my suggestions, you would realise that I ask for that Hien thing as well, a little improve in her walkspeed and her too. But you are only asking for buffs and just giving away unblockables (which are unfair per se) and a minor nerf on the overhead.

We could have all that suggestions of the first list you got, but still we need a nerf in order to balance her with the rest of the cast.

BTW Im not agree with the second list because almost anything of those changes would OP her a lot/are unnecessary.

  • “make neckbreaker distance after hit to super”??? you already have sjc into super, why she would even need that?;
  • “lk tsumuji +4 on hit”??? do you really want a +3XX damage combo without meter which also gives her a knockdown leading into a vortex being a 2 frame link (3 frame with blinking)??

Please, Am I the only Ibuki player who think she need a nerf???

The list i created was a compilation of what I thought were the best ideas. your thoughts directly reflect that list above from the other thread.

return the distance away from the opponent after a neckbreaker to the same it was in Super Street Fighter 4, not combo super from neckbreaker.

technically, this is possible even without this addition. this would only make it a marginally easier move, but by no means braindead. again, this is open for discussion.

Characters like rufus, fei long, cammy, and seth win tournaments. ibuki does not. EXTREMELY RARELY, she breaks top 8, and only marginally more, she breaks top 16. the idea of balancing is to make every character be equally viable at tournament level. Ibuki loses to most of the common tournament characters, and is a reason why she needs a buff. I would rather add tools to everyone then get rid of tools for everyone.

you are considering that these “buffs” would happen and then everyone else will get nerfed. fact of the matter is there is no way for us to account for how all the other characters will change. therefore, we must take the characters that exist in the game as of now and use that as a medium to start with. i dont want her to get everything on that list, and most the things i ask for that i feel are necessary are almost broken in a certain sense.

on another note, FADC Neckbreaker?

I definitely support lk tsumuji hitstun +4. They should instead remove the possibility to b-link.

I totally agree. They should completely remove blinking. Plinking as well once you’re at it. OH! And also option selects, that shit is so op. it’s part of the game. Deal with it.
Why do people hate blinking so much? It’s your own fault for not taking that extra step to ease your combos.

+4 on tsumuji is ridiculous. You will get 300+ EASILY from a combo that’s no longer hard AND meterless. I’d prefer to have MORE 1 frame links. In fact it’s one of the reasons I picked ibuki. I love hard combos. I love being able to easily do them while many people can’t get a single one. I want to show off the time and dedication I put into perfecting a 1 frame link and having people be amazed at my execution. If you can’t do them, then practice! Don’t add more frames. That’s a silly and lazy solution. is actually pretty godlike. It’s better than Ryu’s I think. It even lowers your hurtbox. The reason the hit box is made like that is because it would then have RIDICULOUS range. Like ChunLi pokes ridiculous. Every character has hit boxes like that, even Ryu’s.

Same thing for the b+mk. It would be very OP. especially as a normal. Use tsumuji instead. Lol.

B-Linking is something different than OSing and isnt a valid comparison. Plinking is similar, but the idea is that you’re mapping a button that shouldnt even be used for gameplay and using it. It’s more of an oversight rather than something Capcom implemented for leniency. I am for removing B-linking.

If B-linking was removed, I would like to see the upgrade to +4 on lk.tsumuji. I dont think its too terribly broken because it would still be fairly difficult, of course only if b-linking was removed.

Change 11: Allow ‘select/back’ button to be mapped in the Button Config. That way, everybody can get in on the blinking craze! No modded stick necessary.

Either that or remove it completely.

Even if b-link is removed, I still disagree on giving +4 on lk tsumuji. Even though it’s only 1f difference, 2f links are far easier than 1f.

If so its really that much easier, then I guess I can see the reason against it. It doesnt seem like it should be that much easier, but I guess my SF knowledge is showing now.