Serious Thread: The Only Change I Want For El Fuerte in SSF4



Warning: This is a long read. First off, I checked and searched to make sure this won’t be a double post. If this has been posted it already, I apologize for it and direct me to the link.

I am a die-hard Elf user. I have been using him since the game came out. It is to a point where it feels weird playing regular characters such as Ryu because I am so used to Elf’s style. I am not saying that I have mastered him, but I can do higher-level techniques such as RSF effectively.

Anyway, I am writing this in hopes of getting other elf players’ opinions and having Capcom read this. My goal is not to have El Fuerte become a top tier character. The main change I want from SSF4 for El Fuerte is to improve his Quesadilla Bomb. His QB should be a motion input rather than a charge. I speak this from a competitive view of the move. Fellas, please heard me out as to why I want this.

If you already know about how bad QB is, you can skip this paragraph. As of now, his QB is a gimmick move. I maybe pull it out once every 50 matches or just never. It comes out slow and easily punished when blocked. The charge is not worth giving up his other normals kicks for. Holding a charge forces you to give up either a: throw(throw tech), focus, or sweep. I mention those three because all three are essential for elf. Every player needs to know how to tech throws and for a character with low health to not be able to do techs is a bad idea. Focus is one of the only ways to land the RSF. Sweep is important for our wake-up game. Losing any of the three abilities is detrimental for El Fuerte. For more, just check out the thread about why QB is bad.

So why make QB a motion input special? By having a motion input for QB, it will open up his options for his limited combos. It will make it more applicable. Being able to end a with QB can to make player think twice about spamming moves. It can put them on the floor for your wake up game. You can do a FADC such as lp->lp->l.QB->FADC->>run stop->>h.QB. I am not asking for a 20 hit combo or a 3rd Yun Combo. He is not created to be a combo-type character. However, aside from his RSF and ultra, he does not do the damage to compensate for his low health. RSF is quite situational. His attacks are not fast enough to compensate for the damage either. Furthermore, he has to link all his moves. It won’t take away from his usual wake-up game or stun game. It opens it up because he can mix up more.

So what do you guys think of this change? What his new motion input will be is debatable, but I firmly believe it should be change into it. I am not looking for a one-move-beat-all special, but a character’s special move should not be so unusable.


Edit: There is another thread that was made with the same topic in mind while I was typing this. I will keep this thread up unless mods want to close this, but I will post this on the other thread too.


Honestly I don’t have a problem with QB I think its unique and I like it how it is.


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It took you about three hours to type this?


sounds like a G2-E ELF to me lol


why so serious?


So what does that have anything to do with it?? Would his opinion sound better to you if he was G1??


I’m a G3-B. who cares? Also, close this thread