Serious: why do you even play this game?

Honestly. I’ve been playing this game on and off (mostly off) since its release, and still scratch my head as to why people play this game let alone pretend its a good SF game, or fighting game.

Have you guys NEVER played 3s, CvS2, or ST? Those games are MUCH better games, and your characters don’t feel like they weigh 80 tons when you’re moving around.

This is probably the clunkiest Street Fighter game, with the most amount of nonsense like unblockable crossups on top of crossups that you might as well be unblockable because you have no chance of seeing which side the crossup is going. These are affectionately called “ambiguous crossups” as to try and mask the fact that they should instead be called “bad game engine design crossups”, and to pretend that pulling them off requires skill.

Let’s not forget the shortcuts that are more of a hindrance at times than a help, and when they are a help, they make the most challenging techniques of older games (like anti-crossup DP) seem trivial by double tapping d/f.

This game’s design (ultras, shortcuts, 50/50s, easy setup unblockables) make the skill gaps very constricted when compared to the old school games that had very clearly defined top tier players who the whole world tried to beat. Nowadays it seems like every major we have a new player who upsets an established name, which would almost never happen of they played a game that wasn’t pretty much 80% chance at the high levels.

Let’s not even start on the ridiculousness of the OS game in SF4. Ill just finish that conversation by saying “mindless inputs” and “triple OS”.

So honestly, why do you play this game instead of 3s, CvS2 or ST? You do recognize those games as being more skillful, more focused on player vs player, and overall more fun to play and watch, right?

Is it really the money that’s available, or do you actually think this game is more suited for tournament play than the games I’ve listed?

Remember: tournaments are meant for the highest level of player, ideally playing a game that requires the highest level of skill. It isn’t supposed to be an inclusive fun time with friends.

The moment I read that all creditability went out the window. The OS game in SF4 is child’s play compared to ST or 3S

Nice bait job though.

Are you actually kidding, or do you not realize what you just posted

I play it because it’s awesome!

SGGK? What does it mean?!?

Are you… Serious?

I don’t play this game, why are you asking

lol ive played capstone today and a few days ago

Yeah, this game sucks. 3s is much better, right?

Very true, I beat Infiltration just the other day by mashing

4/10 :coffee:

do it over

i think sf4s better. dont play 3s too much. btw mods close this thread plz

Perhaps. Please explain how any OS in SF4 is worse than a tech/parry + normal punish/throw OS that can be confirmed into a super.

Honestly, 3s, CvS2 and ST are such better games.

The only reason most of you play this is because you’ve never actually played 3s, or you have realized you can’t.

Also because there is money in SF4 compared to the better games. I mean, most of you play SFxT over CvS2. What possible legitimate reason could you have for that lol.

Like, REAL RAP, as your favourite SF community cartoon character would say

Fighting games are fun.
And I like turdles.

I half agree with you… But to give you a straight up answer…

Because nobody plays these games anymore. The scenes for all 3 of those games globally is what SF4 has per region. I’m all about the STRevival and I fully support Kuroppi and all of his efforts. I don’t play SF4, and I fucking hate it as a series for the exact reasons that you mentioned… The three games you mentioned are my three favorite fighting games, followed by MvC2 and Alpha 2… But these days, I play SFxT. Why? Not because it’s a good fucking game. I think it’s better than the other two Capcom options, but it’s purely because there’s competition and things to learn. You try to enter the ST scene as a newbie, and what happens? You get BLOWN THE FUCK UP by half decent players, because half decent today is what pro was 13 years ago. Fuck man, just look at the 25th tournament and you’ll see for yourself. MOV BLEW THE MOTHERFUCKING ASS off of everyone at the 3S tournament and Mao did the same shit at ST - and these were against GOOD players. You can’t expect somebody to want to get into that, especially if they’re in the 16-25 age range, and maybe even JUST getting into fighting games this last generation.

TLDR: People don’t play the old games, so there’s less incentive to learn it - which will indefinitely add to its shrinkage and eventual dissipation. I mean… Alpha 3? Who the fuck plays that? CvS2 is next to go. 3S and ST will be around a while, but even then, small scenes compared to what they were. Anyone remember Gootecks’ Urien? Nope… That blue motherfucker.

not to mention my favorite character is banned from ST. is it scrubby to use him online?

Yes, this is an honest reply, thank you.

Here’s a question:

Shouldn’t we, as a FGC looking for top talent, be playing the GOOD GAMES, and not caring what the scrubs and their max potential of 0 can play?

Shouldn’t we strive to beat MOV in 3s rather than forget that game and move to a game where skill gaps are reduced?

Why did we even move to SF4? We ditched Fighting Jam, why didn’t we ditch SF4? Because we let SCRUBS and their MONEY dictate the direction of the scene. Shouldn’t we reward players in the good games, and make scrubs catch up? Why are we playing the bad games?

This question can also be applied to MvC3 vs MvC2.

Why do we even bother with such a scrub game like MvC3 when MvC2 exists?

To pander to SCRUBS and not let them feel left out, cause they BRING $$$$

Face it guys, the FGC has lost legitimacy since the scrub influx of 09.

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