Seriously? A Womens InvitationaL?

100% ridiculous. And totally not in lockstep with the beliefs constantly touted by the fighting game community.

This crap makes no sense.


Kitchen Fighter 4

you’re about 5 months late in your outrage.

No… I’ve been mad for a while. But back when I first heard about it, it was only tentative.

It’s probably going to only be this year since close minded cavemen such as yourself whine about it. Just don’t watch it. There are plenty of other activities to look forward to.

i was hoping for strip fighter 4


Hold on… You are upset because I don’t promote the separation of men and women… And I’M the close minded caveman?

Did you even read what you wrote?

Is it a separation? I mean, they are not vetoed from the main tournament. I see the side-tournament just as something that draws attention to the fact that THERE ARE GOOD GIRL PLAYERS. I don’t see why there is a problem with it.

Yeah it is separation. And honestly, why give them undue credit. Do you care about any of the guys that don’t make top 8? Why should you care about the girls who don’t make top 8 in the main tournament?

I do care about the guys that get under top8 and occasionally, I do want to see more of them had they advanced.

Although obviously, this WAS devised as cock-candy, but I don’t see it that way.

fuck, ill extend it then, do you care about the people who dont make it out of pools? because ill be surprised if any girls even do that.

So were women banned from the main tournament?

Now THAT would have theoretically caused some issues.

Damn man, you’re killing my options here xD Usually, fuck no. But with the random shit happening this time, Flash is out, Tokido in losers, I just might care.

But yeah, usually, fuck no. So in that regard, I guess I see your point that they shouldn’t get a second shot at fame because they have a vagina.

welcome to 6 months ago you dumb scrub 09er

Didn’t settle well with most, since it really is hard for most to qualify. There aren’t many female players, and since it is male-dominated, of course it’s gonna cause a lot of uproar. Regardlessly, it’s probably encouraging more female players, since this means a girl doesn’t have to play Umehara or Wong to still place on top. I mean, we already separate our sports by gender, why not fighting games? Though, they weren’t banned from the main tourney. Anytime you do something like this, it’s gonna cause uproar. At least be courteous to the ladies. Hopefully it’s encouraging a few more ladies to join in, so we can diversify some. I’m sure some of them are offput by sweaty, funky dudes they have to have matches against. I mean, not to say a girl is any less vulnerable to stench and sweat with nerves, but, the gamer community isn’t known for its courtesy to women. And maybe it was to avoid that extra bit of rage when you have the “I’ve been beaten by a girl… UGH.” Really, it’s not the center of focus. I just hope we can have a few more ladies in the fighting community. Helps take away that stereotypical gamer staying up all hours, not bathing, then coming to these tourneys. It helps our image as a whole, I believe.

But if that’s what it is, that’s what it is? Why try to change it in such a shallow, artificial manner? Why do it in a manner that 100% contradicts the underlying mantra of the FG community? And… Why do we care if girls play, anyway? There’s nothing stopping them from making things female dominated. “We want to play, but not with you guys…” Is that REALLY something we want to extend our hands out to and accommodate?

We’re not enticing them with the awesomeness of competitive action and the thrill of the competition. We’re baiting them with an easier road to attention and glory.

We should be giving them opportunities, not easier roads to success. There are far more effective and far-reaching methods to encourage girls to join the scenes and it really should all be done within the various communities. You create an all-girl tournament because “there aren’t enough girls playing” and then have no controllers in place to make sure that the existence of the tournament is even going to create a large scene of skilled female players and the motives become questionable.

Let’s not forget the fact that, while thriving, the FG scene is still small in comparison to other VG based scenes out there. Yet I see no push to really expand it to newer fronts. In fact, we have ban tournaments that accomplish the exact opposite. And we’re all for it.

What the F?

F the special chicks tournament. Why aren’t we doing things that would actually, you know… strengthen the scene?

lol might as well have a separate “minor league” tourney. anyone that previously made top 16 at a major is banned. give the scubs a chance to feel good ya know

Why not wait until the event is over and ask people who were there at the invitational about the way the event was actually run. Get feedback from the physical reality around us instead of the odor of our mutual verbal flatulence. Until that happens, all we can do is rehash arguments that were played out ad nauseum months ago. Do we really want to go there.