Seriously? A Womens InvitationaL?

I wasn’t done with that thread when it was locked. I also was at the first all girls SF4 tourney, so I do have experience on my side :slight_smile:

Sure, but the important retrospective criticism of the evo event will only be possible after examining the results of the events in the days to come. If most people agree it was as terrible an idea in the execution as it was controversial on paper, we’d save ourselves the effort of thinking up clever things to say right now. But it’s your own time you’re choosing to spend as you see fit I suppose.

gj raising complaints after evo starts.

Naw I saw a girl playing on the stream. Don’t remember her name but she was from France and she played as Chun.

Are you really asking this?

I’m looking at the stream schedule, and the women’s invitational is listed from 4:00-4:30 PM. Does anyone know how many women actually signed up for this? I’m wondering if low turnout would warrant the shorter broadcast (no pun intended) time.

The reason that a Women’s Tournament is unwarranted is the denigration of the gender as second-class. Street Fighter is not an athletic sport, and as such, the filtering of competition by gender is unnecessary, and if anything, obfuscatingly sexist, albeit well-intentioned.

Who cares…if you’re a good player you pretty much get a free GOLD TE stick for bodying everyone.

The thing is… It’s not about bridging a gap or awareness of the scene. It’s all about the appeal of having an easy path to the big stage.

Not what we should be trying to build a scene on…

Wouldn’t surprise me if only 8 signed up, at the behest of male friends/relatives most likely. Don’t be surprised when those gold TE sticks appear on ebay or in some random dude’s hands by Monday.

You are wrong females are shown to have less central nervous system efficiency. There are differences even with dexterity and hand eye coordination. Do you even know what the endocrine system does and do you know about the varying levels of hormones and how they can affect these factors?

I definitely have respect for all making this statement just pointing out facts that they should be able to have their own division.