Seriously. Are U Dissapointed In General About Fighting Games

lets see whats out and what has come out

tek5dr=okay, thats better, but i can still get ass raped, but better
kof=know nothing about, but xI looks good
fotns=i love it all day, but really, it seems like alot of wtf moments
sf3s=good solid game. ive seen people get nice with pretty much every character in the game. if you can parry. you can win
motw=dont know
meltyblood=dont know
sc=dont know
naruto games=hero is fun. others dont know
dbztenkai=fun. i believe has potential,but wont get its recognition. i wish it would get bandwagoned

what are your opinions about the games out there, and what the fight game makers need to do in the future. balanced doesnt always =fun, but neither does making 4 godly characters and all the other characters, shit.
i think some games need to just be started over from scratch again. new moves and everything. i think alot of games still wanna keep this and that, but this and that still fuck up the balance of the game for other characters

can games keep the the same type of play,ie…tekkens walls and juggles, gg and fotns wakcky crazy all over the place comboin craziness, and still maintain some sort of balance. it seems like a no, but i think its possible. they just arent putting in work. hmmmmm. im no gaming master. just my opinions. whats yours

how can you express a dissapointed opinion when you don’t shit all about what you’re asking?

You should go and add why you were dissapointed about the games you listed.

Yes please…

I play nearly everything as a whole…the main dissapointment to me is when I don’t have anything new to play or when everythign looks the same bc the game has been out for 50 years and there is no evolving…like 3s…

I use to love that game…now I can’t play it really on my own…or Alpha, or others…bc it feels to much like the same old thing…

Maybe I’m just more of an SNKer…I’d rather play NGBC, tenka, neoWave, XI, all those rather than Alpha, 3s, ST.AE.

The only thing that dissapoints me is the lack of online capability for PS2 Namco and Capcom titles. I don’t think Tekken 5 is as good 3 and SC3 probably isn’t as good as its predecessor. I don’t play snk or doa games. I’m pretty exclusive to capcom for 2d and namco for 3d. However, I have, only recently gotten back into MK for the first time since Trilogy.

I’m not dissapointed in the fighting games.

I’m dissapointed in the fighting game community.

considering that most of the games you have palyed are old you cant really comment on the status of fighting games. furthermore you shoudl really check out the games which you have not played. but to be nice. neo geo battle colliseum, king of fighter XI, melty blood series, eternal fighter zero, fist of the north star, garou: mark of the wolves.virtua fighter 4, and i guess dead or alive 4

furthermore the issue in 3s is not whether or not you can parry but how well you know your characters weaknesses and strengths. leading players such as kuroda who uses Q(who is considered bottom tier) able to make him win.


sf3s=good solid game. ive seen people get nice with pretty much every character in the game. if you can parry. you can win

^^ that’s the most bullshit statement in the world. I can parry till no fucking end… and I still get assraped. It’s not being able to parry that’s the issue. It’s being able to APPLY parrying in a match.

you fucking lose right there.

and @ SiLLiEMutAfuKA

I could give a fuck less about the fighting game community

Well, we could give a fuck less about you…

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I came here to talk about fighting games. Not the fighting game community:wgrin:

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All I’m saying is I’m not a competitive game player. Apparently, if you’re not that into fighting games, you don’t deserve to live.

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Oh but you misinterpret. Not that you don’t deserve to live. I really give a fuck if you live, die, suffer, whatever… But it’s better than trolling this site, where we actually care about the fighting game community. If you’re casual, go to gaia or gamefaqs. Stop posting here with your Mortal Kombat garbage…

what’s next… Dead or Alive 4 = best fighter in teh world? Fuck you…

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I came on this site because I’ve been playing fighting games my whole life, and they are my favorite type of game. I saw a couple of videos on the net that sparked my interest and made me actually want to get good at them. I’m not sure how I came across the site, but I was hoping to learn a lot and get some information. Trust me, I don’t come here with the intent of pissing people off. I’m an open-minded person who was hoping to exchange ideas with others like me.

Now, if the fighting game community is as important to you as it appears and you would like to see it expand, you shouldn’t immediately ridicule those who are interested in the subject but are admittedly ignorant.

i love you <3:lovin:

i dunno. It’s just that there hasn’t been anything new to capture my attention lately.

i started to lose interest after mvc1, and tekken tag. best 2 fighting games imo with really good music.

most fighting games don’t even have decent memorable music anymore. Maybe thats why i can’t sit down patiently and play a game.

This is very true. Music-wise, SF2 is still king.