Seriously stop crying

I see all these threads about how everyone wants nerfs and buffs and the game hasnt been out that long at all. threads relating to BUFF X or NERF Y or PATCH GLITCH Z this early in the game are NOTHING but harmful to the development of the metagame and cause flaming and trolling back and forth between super scrubs that refuse to learn and people who actually know how to play a damn FG - which is a complete waste of time/resource - those threads should be locked. instead of bitching about how you hate a tactic and wish it didnt exist learn to how to get around it.

anyone with any real logic thats a mod should be locking these garbz threads on the instant of posting them.

and you should get infracted for talking about nerfs and buffs in other threads. its pointless. just get better at the game. dont ruin it for everyone else.

SCV’s defense system went to total shit because of the patch they had and that game has barely been out longer than SFxT.

Look, as much as I agree with you, this thread is just going to create meaningless fights.

Vent in the ranting thread or post your opinion in one of the threads about changing the game.