Seriously, What is the TRUTH about Umvc3 on PS3?


I made this thread in FG Discussion and it got closed before I got an educated answer(If it gets closed here then I know there’s a conspiracy)

But anyway, I just wanna know the truth about it from someone who isn’t BIASED, and someone who has played extended periods of time on both consoles.

I have pretty much only played exclusively on Xbox so I can’t make an opinion.

I’ve heard it doesn’t have issues and I’ve heard the opposite.

It’s gonna be on PS3 for EVO so I really would like this subject clarified for me


what do you mean issues? i assume you mean framerate issues on the ps3 version.
i’ve only played the ps3 versions, but i’ve seen videos of the game on xbox.
MVC3 on ps3 wasn’t very good: slowdowns, framerate hiccups here and there, etc.
UMVC3 is much better on the ps3, which leads me to believe they just got lazy with the first one. i’m a little suspicious that they might have sacrificed some audio-syncing for a stable framerate, like what i read about SFxT.

if you’re talking about online, the connections are all over the place. sometimes people lag to hell and back; sometimes it’s flawless! sometimes i’m getting really bad lag, but my opponent is doing their stupid combos in slow motion -_- sometimes it only lags when i’m winning/comboing. the usual.


Anecdotal evidence about people who have played it on both consoles multiple times isn’t really going to help you. What you and other people who are concerned about this needs is obviously hard data. Someone on this site actually did a comparison between Third Strike online edition between PS3 and XBOX and actually had measurable data. That’s what’s needed for UMVC3 PS3 vs XBOX360, and not really opinion based information. At least for input problems. Not sure if you can accurately measure frame drops and slowdown



Sorry I had to. =/


here’s a website that has that kind of data about games, and they specifically compare the xbox and ps3 versions. i can’t find the page for ultimate, but here’s the vanilla page as an example:

they also did this for SFxT and SFIV.
here’s what i would figure: the spots in the xbox version where screen tearing occurs are the places where the ps3 will slowdown a little. the ps3 seems to be easily influenced by the blu-ray and other settings on the system, as well as tv settings. i don’t know if EVO preps their ps3 consoles, but they probably turn those settings off and do whatever with the monitors. i doubt those ps3s are someone’s personal console, so it shouldn’t be clogged with content.

that’s if they didn’t make any specific changes between the console versions of the game because they sometimes do.


the reason why it got closed it was because this kind of threads always end as console wars
now , umvc3 has some “problems” on ps3, and i say “problems” because this is only noticeable (and not always, not many payers notice the difference to tell you the truth) for the 360 players and usually dont have a real effect when you play in the long run.

this comes because capcom really sucks on optimizing their games for the console that is not the leading one on the development phase, see sfxt for example, it runs better way better on ps3 than on 360. this is specially evident when other games have zero differences despite the console or the arcade machine when the game is a port of one


To be really honest with you, I have a PS3 and I can notice the frame rate issues after playing for a while or using moves like Okami Shuffle.

After extended periods of time, my timing for combos has to change a little bit.

Just choose the training stage and you’re good to go.


The PS3 version is inferior. Not because the 360 is better than the PS3, but because the PS3 version of UMvC3 is worse than the 360 version. There are two “studies” out there, one of which says the games are more or less equal (might even say the PS3 version is better) and the other which says the 360 version is better. They both have actual data, but the first report asks the wrong questions. The PS3 version is superior in some ways, but not in the ways that are relevant to competitive fighting game players.


I thought the ps3 version is faster than xbox. Better or worse I don’t know, but whenever I play on xbox I have to slow my move down.


That’s what it feels like for me too.


all feels the same to me. Have not had problems going between consoles, other than my friends SUPER crappy 1984 fightsticks.

But the first did have slowdown on the Asguard stage, probably still does. In the background I mean, not the actual match.


I know the ps3 version definitely lagged during some of my combos, always at the same parts too… When I fill the screen with crap and call an assist for example.


I have a PS3, and through all of my time with Vanilla and Ultimate I have never, ever had slowdown issues.


PS3 doesn’t like MODOK.


Play on danger room and there is no slowdown. 360 is flawless tho


I cannot speak for PS3, but I use the 360 and it has never dropped.

I’ve seen the PS3 do weird things on stream, but I’ve never actually had it happen while playing.


As far as I can tell, the reason some people feel no difference is because it depends on the model of the PS3. They don’t all seem to be identical hardware, I’ve played on PS3s in locals that were completely indistinguishable from my 360, but the PS3s my pools were on at Evo last year ran at half speed or slower on stages other than the training stage. I’ve played on about a dozen different 360s, and they all feel identical during the match, but several had issues with things like Dark Phoenix victory screens and would slow down massively at that point.

Kind of hilarious how the “standardized hardware” of consoles isn’t standardized at all.


ps3 lags when

simultaneous dhc, two people using assist same time, certain normals combined with assists and supers. Every single player i’ve met who started on ps3 has mentioned to me how crappy the ps3 version feels. it has no place in tourneys imo, only reason it’s in evo is because those dudes need equipment like anyone else(yay for the hookup from sony, shitty for the players to use tho).


see, the above post is an example of ones that aren’t true. most of those might have been true in vanilla, but ultimate doesn’t lag during DHCs or THCs. mine doesn’t, anyways. that’s one of the first things i noticed when i got ultimate on my ps3.



I play on ps3 at home (late fat) and while I do find some lag during the aforementioned times, it is usually bearable. But when I play on a friend’s (early fat) ps3 with the same monitor, lag is EVERYWHERE. Whether this is because of settings or hardware, it is there nonetheless.

I’ve also noticed this large variation in perceived lag at a lot of regionals that use a stable of different types of ps3s.

Again this is anecdotal, so take it for what you will, but without tests of_multiplet_consoles to accurately com

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