Seriously, what's wrong with my Fightstick?

So, I have a MadCatz SE stick that I’ve swapped all the buttons and joystick out with Sanwa parts. It works great 95% of the time but here’s the thing: every 15 matches or so, the HK and Kick X3 buttons simply stop working. They will continue to not work until I disconnect and reconnect, at which point everything is good again. I’m on Xbox 360.

Does anyone know what could cause this? I’m seriously about to lose it because this flaw has cost me more matches than I’m going to say. I’m literally one more match away from curb stomping the damn thing into oblivion.

Any help is appreciated!

It is known problem the RT and LT dying.
There is not way to fix, unless replace the PCB.

Just swap out the R2 for L1 and you’re golden

L1 won’t break on you like triggers would since L1 is still digital

RT and LT is digital too.


oh right

i thought there was that problem with the triggers because they originally used potentiometers but then we don’t see fightpads malfunctioning

You know for the amount you probably put into that SE you could have just bought a TE with an extra 30$? Also why are you guys talking about Pads? I thought he said this was a stick with sanwa parts?


come on mr. mortified, you’re making us look real bad…first Vancouver riots, now you…

Bummer. I thought replacing the PCB would do the trick but didn’t want to invest in that if it wasn’t going to work. Would the TE sticks be less prone to this problem? Also, where would I buy a replacement board? Does anybody sell some that have the quick disconnects instead of requiring me to solder? Thanks!

TE exhibit the same problem.
You have to replace with PCB that does not have issue.
Like a new SE/TE PCB, or Mad Catz FightPad or #4716 Controller.

Thanks for the help. Honestly, I think I’ll just remap LB to the RT button and convert to a 6-button layout. Now, my problem is that Lizardlick and FocusAttack are sold out of the hole plugs I’d need :frowning: I found some that can ship from Canada but the end price will be around $18 (or $15 too expensive).

Make this layout.
It is not crazy.


That will give you a 6-button Layout.
MvC2 actually uses that layout.
And the MvC TE has it too.

Explain to him where? Do you know where you can find a 360 TE stick at it’s 149.99 retail? And Blazblue sticks are exceptions because I hear those TE sticks also have PCB issues.

Yes I can confirm, my BB TE has that issue, but my TE S didn’t.
But then, they have the exact same PCB (same number, same revision, same locking start/select feature).
So it’s luck based.


i was referring to pcbs you know.
I’m just curious as to how come the fightpad pcbs don’t malfunction while the stick pcbs do…

I can find them for 130$ I can also find HRAP-VSA’s for that price.

Do the Hori’s PCB have the same problems as the Madcatz sticks? My TE has been having the same problem with the RT and i suspect it may get worse.

There are no reported issues with the Hori PCBs

Care to share? Link or it didn’t happen.