I got your restraining order right here. grabs nuts

Restrain this bitch.

I’m confused. Elaborate?

Based on context I would assume I was angry at a person for giving me a restraining order and grabbing my junk at their general direction, symbolizing that I’m unrestrainable

Breaking Bad???

Fucking bingo! You win!

AKA ItoxicatedRhino is watching Season 3 now and can’t find the thread…

Lol! Good ol Walt

You’ve done worse, get off my nuts dawg. You can’t restrain this shit son, I’m unstoppable!

i thought this was going to be a Hakan thread. But instead you want someone to put some kind of restraints on your testicles? pretty gay man.

the streets are covered with the ejaculate of the homeless!

stop whiffing grabs…shit is unsafe without oil

Breaking Bad is the best show on TV. I challenge anybody to denounce this.

I don’t wanna see you, or your dirty balls in my alley again!

That’s Rhino! :looney:

I thought this thread was about quiche…seriously.

Hey fuck you guy, you don’t tell me what I can and can’t have on my nuts fool!

What episode number is that? Me and my friend were discussing that scene and I can’t find it anymore…


Season 3 Ep 2 son.

Man…my friend made this electronica album, this shit is like, progressive the whole album. I fucking love her <3

vampire life, true blood, dracula


That track he dropped with Wayne was fucking coldddd son!