ServBot Arcade Stick...Make it Happen/Help Me Make it Happen!

This is somthing long overdue, I wanna Make a MegaMan Legends Servbot themed Arcade stick!

I only think its fitting becouse…these guys have it rough. Their game was cancelled, capcom screwin them over…its just sad ( No hate toward Capcom…kinda ). so i wanna do this for the ServBots and MegaMan Volnut.

If you got any ideas just tell me and ill see if ill be able to work it in, also id love some art work ideas.

Ideas So Far:
-Using a SF4:TE white body for the case
-Blue and Yellow Sanwa buttons or Clear Seimitsu
-Custom Balltop of a Servbot(no clue How im gonna get this)
-Wanna put servbots all over it…like…EVERY WHERE.

Here’s an idea: Post in the right section.