ServBot Fight Stick -Lets make it happen-

This is somthing long overdue, I wanna Make a MegaMan Legends Servbot themed Arcade stick!

I only think its fitting becouse…these guys have it rough. Their game was cancelled, capcom screwin them over…its just sad ( No hate toward Capcom…kinda ). so i wanna do this for the ServBots and MegaMan Volnut.

If you got any ideas just tell me and ill see if ill be able to work it in, also id love some art work ideas.

Ideas So Far:
-Using a SF4:TE white body for the case
-Blue and Yellow Sanwa buttons or Clear Seimitsu
-Custom Balltop of a Servbot(no clue How im gonna get this)
-Wanna put servbots all over it…like…EVERY WHERE.

Blue dustcover and the thing that covers the stick (not sure what it’s called) so the stick looks like a Servbot.
Make the sides of the TE yellow, the black part blue, and the bezel a light or darker blue.

For the artwork do something like white background and an illustration of the Servbot hyper from MvC2 :open_mouth:

Im glad that there are more of the servbot defense force. I was thinking something along the same likes except start with a arthong tek-innovations case in opaque blue. For buttons have yellow or clear buttons with servot faces (like the ones in your OP). For the side art have the MvC2 hyper. You can even have a big ass servbot like tron’s MVC3 level 2 in the front or back artwork. You can get a serbot balltop from Pilgrim_Pud’s page in the trading forum (get in line, I gave him the idea and I still dont have mine yet) . Good luck and post pictures!

liking the ideas! But First things first…Gotta get a stick to do it on…I got 2 but they are both TE-S sticks and itll look wierd.
Any idea where i can get a SF4:TE or a good case?

For a good price of course

now…wat do i gotta do to get one of those…with a smile =D
the servebot stick i mean

Seems fairly simple to hand paint, maybe give it a coat of clear or something after to protect it better.

Alright guy’s…found some Pic’s of serve bot that can be cut for the big picture.
Here they are


I wish it could be happy when the Link is attached, and crying when not.

I am disappointed. If you’re going to make a thread about a stick project, be sure that you are at least working on it yourself.

If it’s just a request for art on a TE… there are threads for that.

I guess you could paint both sides, or make two of them.

ofcourse I am. I’ve wanted to build this thing Forever now…Now all i gotta do is…DO IT. lol
This thread is just to see if anyone had some good ideas they’d like to see done and say if they support it.