Servbot ownage!

so… ive been experimenting with a lot of different characters lately, and one day when i was feeling a little lightheaded, i picked servbot and discovered that hes really cool- but ridiculously hard to win with… i wonder y :rolleyes: lol, anywayz… i was wondering if any1 had any ideas with wat to do with him? im thinking of making a nice low-tier team that does sick chip… right now im experimenting with servbot/bb hood/ t. bonne… its a really fun team to mess around with… anywayz any strategies r appreciated, thanx for the help ahead o time…

If you want chip, take the third assist (gamma).

If you want combo, take the first assist (projectile). Just jump-in, dash, jab XX super :slight_smile:

His jumping jab as nice reach and priority. I like annoying people with that.

His throw does only 3 damage. Gives you lots of fun so you can do it again and again.

Basic air combo is: Jump-in jab, forwards, fierce, dash in, short, roundhouse, sj.jab, sj.short, sj.strong, sj.forward, spicy foods.

His jab spicy foods goes straight while his fierce one aims upwards (if I remember correctly). You can hold down the punch to charge power. Good for floating in the air.

I like his assists, especially the hellicopter ones because it’s fast. The running assists are easlity punishable if blocked.

That’s my two cents.

wait- mayb im being dumb, but i was under the impression that the alpha assist was best and actually had the most potential for damage… can any1 clear that up?
i appreciate the advice- i think im going to an arcade today so mayb ill mess around a little…lol

The first assist super, does more damage and is comboable. The chip is not much though.

The third assist super chips like crazy and covers the whole screen. Nice super to throw out.

o, i see… out of curiosity, do u use him somewat regularly in casual play? and if so wat kinda teams do u use him on? i just got back from the arcade… was trying sev/mag/tron… i got owned…lol… cuz somehow i forgot to play mag… but it was a lot of fun to have servbot ducking under sentinel’s beam and stuff… :smiley:

I use Servbot low-tier teams as a pure joke. It’s either a win with massive humiliation on the opponent’s part, or a loss for me.

My favorite joke team is Servbot(projectile)/Roll(projectile)/Dan(anti-air). Servbot is so small, it’s hard to rush him down since he can avoid projectile, beams and stuff. If they try to get close, BAM! Koryuken! Dan’s anti-air assist is underrated! Lots of damage too.

lol- nice… yea im only using servbot as a joke too… serv/bb hood/tron is pretty much the team ive put him on… chips like mad…and thats pretty much it, but watever…

servbot giving head is top tier


i use servbot y assist type with doom anti air and its pretty much good runaway hardcore chip or dash in combo what i was wondering is what specifically is servots infinite combo i was once told it was lk lp hk repeat but that dosent work so far so i was wondering specifically what it is thanx!

no reply yet on sb infinite

i went to the mall today with my servbot team for the last time bc im moving …gay but i went through 27 people before i was killed #1 by far people were cussing at me and cursing me to hell it was insane i love it i made the arcade at my mall 13.5 dollars today and i got a death sentence go servbot you reign!

what gives more damage, an air combo with servebot, or just launching him up and doing the helicopter move where it falls almost straight down? i haven’t done this test in awhile so i’m not sure anymore. i BELIEVE the damage is almost the same. what i’m trying to say is, from what i remember, the launch w/ helicopter move is better. but i’m not so sure anymore.

to mvc2<-josh->ddr: wats ur team? and if ur good at servbot could u post some strats? as for the infinite im still trying to figure that out myself… and by the way, howz ur ddr skillz? i used to b pretty good, but it got kinda boring so i stopped for a while, but im startin to play a little again…

as for FOBio: honestly i’ve never even heard of that comparison, although i wouldnt b surprised if they were equal in damage… i’ll go check that out when i have the chance…

does any1 have any ideas on how to actually do lots of damage with servbot? (not including assists) also, anybody know some good assists to help servbot get in close? or is servbot rush just a bad idea… :stuck_out_tongue:


well people what i do is what i was once told was the infinite and got the closest i can see to it call dooms AA assist and jump in forward and lk lp hk repeat call dooms assist over and over till i have special alot then i call dooms assist into servobots y type qcf+pp special so the cobined chip is hardcore then i repeat that and thats usuually enough to kill them or you can play extreme awesome runaway using dooms assist and qcb projectiles hes a fun character

serbot has 2 infinites that i know of…

vs. sent:

j.lp,,, land, [j.lp, pause, j.lp, pause,, land], repeat in [ ]

vs. doom, bh, cable(sort of) in corner:

s.lp, s.lp, j.lp, pause, j.lp, pause,, land, s.lp, s.lp…repeat.

serbot corner combo doom…

j.lp,,, land, dash in s.lp, s.lp, j.lp, pause, lk, pause,, land, dash in s.lp, s.fp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, delay fk(otg), land, j.lp, j.fp, land, call in doom, j.fp(blocked), land, gamma lunch rush super for chip.


ok, so i tried the damages of air combo w/ fire vs. launch w/ lk helicopter: air combo w/ fire does about 9 pts whereas the other does 8. if you lead hits into it, i forget. i think it’s like 10 vs. 8 or something. also, if you do air combo with like fp or fk instead of fire, it’s 10. HOWEVER, i still think the use of lk helicopter is better simply cuz it takes less time (could be good or bad) and you can maybe do some more stuff. i don’t know… let your imagination go wild. use assists, do crossups, i don’t know.