Servbot: warrior of champions

well i think its time we all starting talking bout THE most underrated MvC2 character OF ALL TIMMMMEEEE!!! ok…start!

horrible character

Well aside from being a pain to hit, he sucks.:rofl:

You all are saying that because you pick him on a larf, ar amused extensively by his size and look, Lose. Then never touch him again.

I Pick servebot most of all! His Chip dmg on his supers is insane I almost think he does more dmg when blocked.

Ok, he is a terrible character one on one. He will get fucked up without an assist. Servebot is IMO the best of the crap tiers (Dan, Roll) however and is winnable for 3 reasons:

  1. People are shocked that you picked him

  2. Amazing Chip damage. Rapes all but Roll and Servebot with it.

  3. Wavedash is good, so you can run in and give some major pressure, Curry has decent priority, and an above average runaway.

Number 1 is true as hell. I picked Servebot once and the guy next to me thought I was high. He picked his low tier team and I pretty much destoyed him. lol

Number 2 is only true for his Y assist. A and B is used for damage (they do around 40). I pick Y because I like playing with Sentinel and Doom. Its a big ass chip team basically. I use Dhalsim/Doom/Cyclops competitavely, but my second choice is Sent/Servebot/Doom. So the moral of the story is if you want to play with Servebot and win, pick a GOD and a really good assist.

Don’t shoot me guys, but Servebot has a really good wavedash. It reminds me of wolverine’s dash. His curry is good to keep pressure on a character. After I do the curry I usually cancel it to his hyper. This is how I run with servebot: Do Sent’s assist, sj, then curry in the air. Builds decent meter. I also throw robots (QCB+P) while I call Doom’s assist. It chips and builds hella meter.

Therefore, he is a bad character, but he has a good strategy. He’s decent with a good assist on his side.

My two cents.

roll is better than people give her credit for and is easily better than servebot. Even dan is slightly better than servebot.

that fire is ass, so bad on recover and you have to charge to get the good one and even that one has bad range.

wolverines have top tier dashes and should NOT be compared to servebots. His is ok but not on the level of wolvy.

IMO, I like battery\servebot ron. I think thats his best team chemistry concept. Yea his super does chip damage but do you know how many supers you need to kill someone? you need like 5-7 supers solo to do that. Probably more if you don’t get proper chip damage due to character size. Servebot ron @ least has some pretty killer mixups

any time servebot lands a launcher, you should end with sj.rh FS. This causes no FS dash. Just like spidey’s sj.fp or rogues. Here, servebot gets to fall onto the point character with a free double high setup. They can’t call their helper, they have to block.

with a free double high, these options become present

high, high, low
high, low
wiff high, low
wiff high, land, instant overhead+tron

if any of these hit, you can hit confirm into tron and do it again. If they block the mixup, do a super. Its damage either way.

Servebots instant overhead is practically invisible as you call tron. Servebot hides in the middle of tron rings if you time it right and the opponent can’t see him. 2 of these setups is like 60% ish life.

@ the highest level, his ground paper plane infinite comes into the picture if it can’t be mashed out of which I think it can be. not 100% sure.

copters\grab homies all serve some purpose.


Hey that fire isn’t that bad. I swear if you cancel it into a super you are 100% safe.

You are right about the dash. Wolverine has ice skates on lol.

BTW nice overhead trick. I never tried sevebot/tron. I always used Sent/Servebot/Doom for maximizing chip damage but I’ll try that tomorrow.