Server Down! Now what?


So with the server down for an update I figure it’s a decent time to unlock some colours. Obviously you can’t login with the server down though so does anyone know if colours unlocked offline will be available when you’re online?




The only logical choice.


I’d rather be water boarded than unlock colord in this game.


it’s time to put down the controller and be a family man.


yes, the colors will be then available online but dont forget that you will get no exp/fightmoneywhen you clear survival mode in offline mode.


Good point. Thanks.


So now that the patch is coming out and introducing rq penalties I’m actually kinda sad. I really should have had some fun ragequitting when I had the chance :frowning:


lel. you really believe the problem will be fixed? thats kinda adorable :dog:


Start converting to robotics. When they take over you’ll be on the winning side. It’s answer honestly.


i am downloading the update now. but i know the servers are still down


Call your mother and tell her you love her.


go play some sf4 for nostalgia