Servers are back(?)

Just logged on, wanted to say that maybe we are free to unleash the online warriors~

Gonna wait a bit before going online, just in case…

Just played a match and won LP at the end of it.

Also @sfvserver just tweeted servers are up!

I can’t login and according to Twitter many people still aren’t able to. This is getting ridiculous. How do you have 4 beta tests, a stress test, take the servers down for pretty much the whole day and still end up back to square one?

That’s a good quest we had like 4 beta tests for pc and for the ps4 each, and somehow…they make the release launch even worse. Anyhow my fps issues are still constant. :frowning:

Hoping a patch comes soon to fix this garbage

I went from never finding matches to finding a match after 30 minutes against someone 2000 miles away and disconnect after first round

its actually an improvement for me

that’s a very sad improvement…virtual bro hug