Serve's infinite

Curious. Are there any servebot infinite.

Yes, Kobun does have an infinite but it works on Dr. Doom-sized characters although I’m not sure if it works on huge characters like Sentinel, Blackheart, etc.

Anyway, I believe that it goes like,,, land, repeat.

There aren’t really many things that you can do with this guy since he takes damage like a baby, but Kobun/Doom is a pretty sufficient team to try take seriously but don’t expect to get very far.

I’ve heard that Justin Wong played a Kobun team and got like double-digit OCV’s with just Kobun. Now if someone can confirm whether this is true or not, I would like to know how the hell he did that!?:eek:

But then again, this is Justin we’re talking about so I don’t doubt it. He’s possessed.