Serving Up Tags and Avs

Im gonna make a couple tags and avs…only one per person.

Um just ask someone like LC or Kairi that are from Tagmonkey about what my work looks like.

Anyway please tell me what you want and be sorta specific… thats about it. :cool:

He’s awsome; believe me.

didnt expect that high of a praise kairi… :lol:

I’m gonna be making myself a new tag and av soon… so get to requesting :slight_smile:

May I request a tag good sir?


of course… remember be specific in what you want…

Take this image here:

and create a tag with it. The maximum size is 300 pixels in height and 600 in length. You can have it at any size under that, just make sure her face and most of her upper torso are there. I’d like for it to have a soft feel to it, one that coincides well with her facial expression. Have it be whatever color scheme you’d like, and whatever effects you would like to impliment but I ask that there is no technical line artistry (line art) and that you keep technical aesthetics (the technical style in general) out of it.

Above all, have fun I suppose.


isnt that pic sorta low quality? well I guess I can manage… .You want Master Chibi (your name) on it?

Ill wait in line to get a avatar, Id like this image in it of course and my R3MIX some where on it, other then that go crazy with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Image is in my attachment.

Just Chibi, and as for the quality, well I imagine it’s your job to make her look good, though I actually like the crayon look.


can i have a teck bg 400*400,…red n black

I’ll work on all these today, I am at school right now

400 by 400 !!! kinda big for a tag… ah well… lol


I hope this avatar request isn’t asking for too much, I won’t mind thinking more ideas or downgrade the request if a tagger says its too much. But…

>Background just like Master Chibi’s, with red metallic scanlines.

>better yet here’s a whack looking rough draft of the avatar I made with paint so I won’t get tongue tied, and in 2 posts a couple of images I’d like to have in there. hey, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

EDIT: that storm, is in Hail storm super position.

This’s how I want my name. I’d like Famicom in red along with the SFC logo. Not in the form of the picture I submitted.

Oops. forgot to put the pic, and I can’t delete the post for now.