Sesler's commentary


I’ve been enjoying evos commentary thoughout the weekend…apart from when this guy picked up the mic. CLEARLY he has no idea what he’s talking about and knows absolutely nothing about the game. keits skisonic and chesnor were perfectly fine commentators and I don’t understand why its acceptable that someone who has no interest in this game gets to commentate such an important event.


I fucking died when he said Daigo was on stage and it was Gamerbee.


Infiltration wins 4 straight, which earning him the best of 3.

“All asians look the same”
-White people


I don’t understand why they would use so much talent during pools and semis and during the most important part of the tournament, they bring in a person who doesn’t know anything or very little about street fighter and the fgc


I wasn’t sure if that was Adam Sessler or not, but now I know.

He’s not doing a superb job, but he’s spicing it up a little, at least. Killian’s got the technical side and Sessler offers the “keep it interesting to Joe Nobody” side. He’s the John Madden of EVO, nonsensical rambling and all.


sessler with the obvious comment like “he like fighting in the middle of the screen” or “he is very much in the lead”

seth: “Indeed” x 1001


I mean how many Joe Nobodies just happen to stumble onto the Evo stream and decides to watch it, even with that the commentators before still explained stuff like resets, and etc.


sess is a very smart guy when it comes to general gaming topics and things concerning the industry at large

but he is not the man for technical fighting game commentary. maybe it would’ve worked better if they had a third speaker as middle ground between him and seth


points at self

And commentating has to be a little more than just explaining, there needs to be a little… I dunno, “spice.” Not saying Sessler was the best choice, but he’s offering it nonetheless. You commonly see similar dynamics in sports commentating, one commentator will offer technical information and the other more “opinionated” items.


he’s obviously a G4 plant-in. This guy should get out and let either SEB, SKIISONIC or FUCKING YIPES come in.

We spend a whole year questioning who’s going to commentate EVO, we fight over this shit for days and we get this? This is bullshit.


“The Beast” comment by adam Sessler atleast 90 times during non Daigo matches


All tied up!


“2 for ricky 2 for daigo”, after ricky one the fist round of the second match.

dude must never played a fighting game in his life.


yea a match apparently means 2 to adam sessler


Ricky had won one round in the previous match and for some reason Sesler thought they carried over.


It was a little selling-ot done, which I’m sure was done at G4’s request in exchange for covering the event. Regardless, they could have gotten someone else or better yet, had someone from the community act as a representative to g4.

I would have liked to hear ski or dogface up there but def not yipes. Niqqa’s way too ghetto and doesn’t provide enough insight on matches. He’d much rather spout useless ghetto talk. Newsflash, the “1’s and 2’s” refer to turntables…which you didn’t have at the salty suite…moron.


Whose idea was it to put that dipshit in? Was this a PR move? Was it to get into G4’s good graces?
If you need someone to provide supplemental commentary for a football game, would you use someone who has never seen football in his life?

I’m not saying that we’re entitled to better commentary. The stream was free to watch. However, at the end of the day, it was a pretty boneheaded decision to let that guy anywhere near a microphone. Especially for the finals.


This thread is now for expressing your disgust for Adam Sessler in any way possible.

You are the bane of my existence, I hate you with every fiber of my being.


Lol I’m surprised they let him have the mic. As nice as it was for G4 to show up and support Evo, but really, don’t break the formula EVO had going on with players or SF Vet commentating.


Like having G4 made it better…we put up with shitty commentary just so EVO could get a 30 second sound bite in between coverage of ratchet and clank and despicable me. C’mon now evo…represent yourselves as intelligent gamers with intelligent commentators, not morons who’ve never played the game or know that a black guy cannot possibly be named “daigo umehara”.