Sessions at Deezo's Reopened! (With a new focus)

Now that everyone’s hyped up due to Evo, I figure this is the perfect time to truly reopen sessions at my apt. The idea this time is concentrated games followed by a small round robin tournament (maybe like a dollar for entry, winner take all with the results posted). Here’s the format with which I intend to run for the sessions here…

-2,3 people on one setup.
-We pull a name out of a hat to decide who goes first.
-The person that gets picked gets to choose who he would like to play against along with the character he would like that person to use (has to be a character this person actually plays). So for example, if KK came over and Mickey was there, and KK’s name was picked, KK could then request to fight Mickey’s Makoto.
-The least amount of games you can play against a person you pick is a 2/3 set.
-The most is either a 3/5 set or a ft5 or higher, depending on how many people are waiting. Whoever wins gets to request who they’d like to play next and how many matches.

The most setups I’d like to have is 2, and if there’s 2 setups, then that simply means at the most, there can be like 4,5 people here including myself. The goal is to learn. There are too many sessions (imo) where people are just playing and nothing is really figured out. And in a lot of those cases, peeps have to play through an entire rotation in order to play one person in particular and win or lose, they may not get to play that person again within that session. So I created this format in an attempt to remedy that. Let’s take the hype from Evo and hit the books.

Couple of ground rules though, if you’re a drama maniac, or you can’t seem to respect other people for whatever reason, then feel free to ignore this thread. Don’t ask me if you can attend. If you’re not so serious about Super Street Fighter IV (or whatever game we play), then please, don’t try to occupy spots in a session when people who are really serious about the game could show up and learn.

My Address is
33025 18th PL S E 102
Federal Way, WA 98003

My phone # is

How I’d like to do this, I’d like to have people post up and let me know when they are free. That way I can rsvp. I’ll also be posting up whenever people randomly decide to head over, that way anybody that’s free that wants to show up, can. Also to clarify, we’ll be playing on the 360 version.

Dope Ill be around for sure whenever I can now its nice to have a place close to ellensburg (dojo) and close to my parents (deezo) def gonna be trying to get out to this

Well, i’m typically down to get games in on my days off late into the night, or get a few hours in on my days on since i’ll already be in the area.

Do you have preferred days on or…?

I can definately show up. I like tuesday/thursday/saturday, but I’m open to other days, I might be switching jobs soon. When times are figured out I’ll say whether I can attend or not.

i have rotating weekends off, so this week i have monday - am to pm open. some other days as well but im mostly busy this week.
do mondays work for you?

i’M free thurs fri sat but if you have to schedule on a weekday please tell me 2weeks before hand so i can request the next day off

I’ve been to a few of the session prior and post EVO and they are helping my spacing game a lot.

thumbs up

Tomorrow isn’t gonna work out as I have a wedding rehearsal to attend. Saturday is basically a no go for me as I have a couple birthday parties to attend. The other days mentioned should be okay, and so with that said it’s…

Ghrrk-Available Tuesday and Saturday (although next Saturday won’t work for me I’m sure, however I’m sure Tuesday will be okay)
Black Steve-Available Monday
KK-Available Friday

Jared, no days I prefer in particular. As I’m back to searching for work, I have a lot of free time =/.

EDIT-The people I have listed are open sessions and have about two open slots available so if anyone else is interested in playing on any of those days, just let me know.

Well, I guess schedule wise:
Fri-Sun: 5-9 (hour long drive home so)
Mon-Wed: Mon5pm = Weekend. I’m good to go Gladiator style.


this is good. over the weekend, i will be drawing up my master plan for studying, and i will get an xbox 360 stick, and some storage media to record theses sessions for further study away from the sessions

Alright, cool. So I can count you in for tomorrow and Monday then?

Here’s the new rsvp so far…

Friday-KK and Jared, one spot available
Monday-Black Steve and Jared, one spot available
Tuesday-Ghrrk, two spots available

Anybody that’s interested and wants to show up, post up! =D

im off tuesday and wednesday! but ill have to get there like 700ishpm cuz i gotta drive fae to work and traffic. but i am down.

i didnt know that josh played competitively. If u tryin to kick it come to the dojo and bring jacob :slight_smile:

I’ll be there. I want to break down the Chun and Vega match-up with you guys.

Eventually, I want to break down the Rufus, Fuerte match-up with Elias, but one step at a time. :smiley:

I can make it out for Tuesday. Can’t do it this Friday because my girlfriend and I are going dancing.

I will likely be open for most any weekday pretty soon.

when i do come out there, I WANNA PLAY TEKKEN

Hey Mandel,

I’m gonna have to flake out tonight. Mainly cause 1. I didn’t go to sleep last night, so I’ll be going hardcore for over 24 hours and then having an hour long drive home. 2. I’ve got dinner with my parents and my dad’s Japanese co-worker.

Sorry man, shit, I was looking forward to breaking chun + vega down, but I’d really rather have a 10min drive home rather than an 60min drive when it comes time.

I’m a all-nighter ready go for Monday night if you’ll still have me.

i forgot to ask:

what time on monday is good for you? im off that day and im available the whole day but the sooner the better, since im catch a bus there and back

I’m free on Saturday and Sunday, if u have any open spots for those days.

Nice man

Sounds similar to the sessions Jared was holding, and I honestly probably learned the most going to those.