Set up my team, need thoughts on it


Sentinel -Ground Assist. He’s my heavy hitter, the one I do most of my damage with. When he’s out front I like to set up aerial combos with Blackheart’s Anti-air assist, or just plain out snuffing a jump-in. As for his assist I use it for pressure and chipping, especially for keeping my opponent in the corner.

Blackheart -Anti-air Assist. I usually play a keep-away/run-away game with him. Stun with demons, combo with super or assists. I haven’t learned too many combos with him, so I’m open to any and all suggestions on how to play him.

Venom - Variety Assist. Usually use his assist to help set up combos or add a few hits to a finishing/ending combo. His…uh…fireball motion attack where he lunges I use for the aerial combo and as an anti-air when I can. Usually use Sentinel assist to keep pressure on, and start chipping. If I can sense or see a flinch coming I call Blackheart’s assist and start an aerial juggle/combo.

So, uh, yeah. I’m nooby to the whole MvC2 scene. I wanted to play it for years but could never find it. I don’t plan on going Evo with it, but I’d like to get somewhat decent at the game, anyways. So, thoughts and suggestions as for what to learn/improve on, and ideas?

With blackheart, his supers do decent chip too. Just make sure to use the one where demons are coming out of his chest. Or if you do the one where he summons demons from the ground, just make sure your opponent is somehow locked down with your assists.

I like Venom/Sent, but I’m not sure about Blackheart… how is he working for you? If anything, I’d put him first.

You son of a bitch! That’s my team, right down to the assist! jk of course, but that really is my team.

I always put Venom first, he is an absolute MONSTER alongside Sent/Blackheart assist, plus his assists kinda suck.

Well, my Blackheart is definitely my weakest character, but it’s a learning process. When I can stun with the demons I can follow up with a super or an assist/super combo. I’m still trying to learn his juggle combos, and just him in general.