Set ups: Cross up HP jump in



Hey guys,

just saw yesterday a french Adon player doing a lot of jump in HP cross up set ups and I was surprised how well this worked out. The beauty was that it seems to hit always cross up and you land in front … nice stuff.

He used it against Rufus (with his fat hurt boxes):

The set ups were:
–> Ultra 2 > step back > jump in HP
–> Back throw > step back > jump in HP

So basically the standard ambig. / unblockable set ups … I am sure it will also work after light RJ > step forward > jump in

So … my question now is:

Are there other characters with this type of hurt boxes and where this works? Maybe Gouken, Abel, Zangief, THawk, Hakan?

It should be possible to create a 50/50 jump in with that --> one with HP and one with HK.

The additional damage/stun is awesome … because if you end the combo with EX RJ and get another succesfull set up you will have a very high chance of getting the stun !!!


Nice, now I know 2 set ups more to use. Anyway the light RJ>step forward>Jump HP does work, I was able to do it against a Juri player a few days ago, the HP crossed up and i wasn’t expecting that but still managed to combo into it. I went to Training mode to test it out and wow that is ambiguous as hell, at first the timing to cross it up was kinda hard but now i can do it a lil more often.

Another thing too is i’m only able to do it out of **cr.LP, cr.LP xx RJ or any 2 light into RJ **and not from any other combo. I mean, i dont know much about hitbox etc. etc. but am i overthinking it when i think i can pull it off from just 2 hits only? Oh and i just tested it on juri only, i’ll try on the others later when I have time.


Well … it is possible that the distances are different and depending on the combo you are using.

For instance … if you end a combo into EX RJ and jump immediately you sometimes land in front and sometimes behind … this depends on the combo … it is a really strong tool imho … it is very hard to see where to block if you go for a meaty or close MK … I use this a lot !!!

I believe that the HP cross up works on all chars with large horizontal hurtboxes … as far as I know it should be --> rufus, juri, sim, abel, gouken … maybe Bison, Seth, others …

It would be great if you can share a list if you find reliable set ups and the chars it works …

This set ups should also work in the corner after light RJ … just do a small step back … I am just wondering why I have not seen it from Gamerbee in the last years … !? HP cross up and landing in front in the corner sounds just too good … even if it only works on 5-6 chars.

Will/would be a really nice thing for the Rufus MU.


the french adon player is StreetHarder you can ask him for list of set up jump Hp cross up


Yeah right … that is the guy … solid Adon.

Does he has an account here ?


hey Daaadom3 or any Adon players here willing to help build a setups post here? I’ve started to make a setups note on my tablet and would like help from better adons to test/tweak the setups mentioned or post new ones. You know from:

L/M/H/EX Rising Jaguar
EX Jaguar Kick
Forward Throw
Back Throw
Ultra 1/2

So far I’ve got like 15 setups and most of em i’ve got em off of replays from online and footage from GamerBee. They are just basic always in your face kind of stuff.

after Light RJ

Safe Jump HP/HK
IAJK, (for hit confirm) or cl.MK/cl.HP (for frame trap)
LP, Light IAJK (for grapplers)
Empty Jump (hit confirm) or cl.MK / cl.HP (frame trap)

And as you can see it’s kind of all over the place so I need others to polish it and add to it to make a better post.


Hi everybody, my nickname’s Shinmael, I’m french Adon player in work. I’m looking for set up, safe jumps and unlockable set up. If you wish for your idea of a set up’s post, I got the full list of Jaguar Tooth EX cross up in corner after backthrow on every character with the follow up (U2 or not).

And the HP set up on Rufus works on Sagat and Boxer too.


Guys … just post your stuff here or in the MU thread … here are currently not many Adon players contributing … so every content/set up ect. is very welcome.

I know that in france are a couple of Adon players that have also some tech … but I am not able to read the french forum and google translate sucks … XD

I new char specific MU and tech thread would be amazing … maybe we can put together enough stuff to cover 90% of the cast. It is actually a pity that other char sub forums are full of very viable stuff --> set ups, char specific combos, and so on … but this sub forum is unfortunately pretty dead … besides Seratna and some others … I just hope that I will have some time in the next 4-5 weeks to put together some char specifc. suff.