Set ups for cc for eagle?



umm… how do i pull off [(close)hkx3,hcf+mk,hkx4,hcf+mkx3,(qcf,qcf+p)] against people? i have no clue when to do this except when someone whiffs. could you help me out with this?

btw: what’s the b&b i should use?




I like this one better:

c.Forward, s.RH x2, s.Fierce, hcf+Forward, s.RH x3, s.Fierce, [hcf+Forward] x3 xx qcfx2+p super

B&B wise stick to just

c.Jab, c.Jab, s.Forward, hcf+Forward or c.Jab, c.Fierce, hcf+Forward

You can also do c.Jab, c.Jab, activate, c.Forward -> custom


The first cc mentioned is great for anti-air but takes a bit of participation on part of your opponent since it’s a trip guard cc, it’s a bit less useful at high levels of play. Look here for a much less damaging but nonetheless true anti-air cc:

A nice way to set up the c.jab x 2 link into cc is to dash over your opponent after they’re knocked down, a fierce throw sets this up nicely. One way I like to set up my cc’s is:
fierce throw, dash over opponent, low forward activate cc link into cc leading off with a low foward.

Lead off the cc with a low forward is the easiest link but you can actually lead it off even with a c.fierce linked after a low forward. The extra damage really isn’t worth it though.