Set ups for hyper bomb?

I want to learn to use alex’s hyper bomb super well so what are some good and effective setups you guys use for his hyper bomb?

I’m no grappler player, but if the opponent tries to crossup you, Hyper Bomb em’.

yup when they try to cross you up or jump attack you (timing)

dash in hyperbomb

or a blocked elbow smash (usually they try to attack back ) cancel into a hyperbomb its more of a trick heheh but it works

Ah yes. How could I have forgotten. You can combo into Hyper Bomb by using Alex’s flash chop (qcb + MP or FP only).

most people know the close mk XX mk hurricane DDT. People tend to duck it, so if you try that early in the match and they duck it. Do close mk XX sk hurricane DDT (whiff), SA1 when you land.

After an air stampede, you can link in hyperbomb. Lk DDt will confuse your enemies, hyperbomb them. Wait till theyre in the air, hyperbomb. Jump in hp, down lk wait for a 1/2 second… hyperbomb. Elbow smash, and if someone parried it, hyperbomb

any know how to kara his powerbomb grab??? or the hyperbomb if possible?..not sure how to do it…i can do his regular throw only.

here is one I learned a while ago. When you are up close do
d.short then f. fierce (the fierce will go over them if they are ducking) then do the hyper bomb. Its works quite a bit for me because everyone tries to attack me after I do the f. fierce

time it right:

dashing flashchop - hyperbomb… make sure he blocks or parrys… if he parrys, expect to get him… if he blocks, time it right… if you do it too fast, you will go right thru him… if you do it too slow, he will own you with a combo… also, what i like to do is jump in with fp into hyper bomb, or jump in with fp - headbutt twice, dizzy, then hyperbomb… thats always a crowd pleaser =]

Need basic combos for alex just to get started so I know what he is able to do.

this isn’t the thread for it, but, alex has basically only 3 or 4 combos you’ll ever use.

crouch/stand short xx SAII

close stand forward xx jab or EX flashchop

anti-air stand strong xx EX kick dp

and, fierce chop >> supplex against dizzy opponents.

every other situation, you’re gonna either be poking or throwing.

uh. you forgot Alex’s main combo…

jump in deep HP > standing Short > jab flashchop

amazing damage for such an easy combo… good dizzy damage too.

if you were gonna jump in with a fierce, why the hell would you use s.short to combo instead of s.forward. Hmmm, if I wanted less stun, less damage, I guess I would.

btw, I neglected tacking on a jump-in simply because that should be an implicit assumption.

yes, it DOES stun more… and it doesnt do that much less damage… or instead of the s.short>flashchop, you could do jumping HP > Headbutt… that does Half stun gauge and decent damage…

can the hyper bomb be karaed (that spelling just looks wrong) or his power bomb?

Hyperbomb is one of the easiest supers in the game to land. There are like hundred of ways to set it up. Having said, that I’m too lazy to list them.

pretty much if there standing there hyperbomb them.

i say boomerang raid is the best alex super.

Ok… Alex has a couple of combos… here are a couple that i use and know of

jump in fierce, standing forward, ex-chop cancel boomerang raid

If you hit them with a fierce chop, back + strong, ex elbow super cancel boomerang raid

Corner/Big characters: Fierce Chop, back +fierce, mash like crazy lol… then boomerang raid.

2x close standing jab to boomerang raid is good as well.

standing jab to low jab to boomerang raid is ok…

anti air combos: if the opponent jumps in, back + strong -> ex airgrab… err… i wish i knew the name of that move but oh well…

if the opponent jumps in, Down + fierce, get the last hit of that shoulder to hit ----> then ex airgrab.

against jumpers in the corner… down + fierce(get the last hit to hit) , then back + strong —> ex grab

agaisnt hugo… and i think other big chars as well… maybe… just try hugo though…

if the oppoent jumps from a far… and u land a dashing in elbow… u can super cancel into stun gun headbutt and catch hugo in midair… then preform whatever combo u want…

if you have any questions about these combos or anything… pm me or post up again…

later… class has ended… i have to go now…

For that jump in combo, you don’t have to hold back, you just can’t hold forward when hitting the MP so you won’t do his overhead attack. Just leaving the stick at neutral is good enough.

Hmmm…Has anyone tried to dash in a Hyperbomb SA? It depends on your opponent and how much they block.

Of course the easiest way to land it is to do it when they’re stunned. Alex is basically the Stun monster in 3S, so make good use of his Standing HP, HP, Knee uppercut, Fwd + FP, and Back + FP.

As for grabbing the opponent after a Fierce Flash Chop, does mashing make much of a difference? There’s no difference in stun or damage, the animation speed i just faster, or is it that your opponent can mash it as well to reduce the hits in the grab?

I’ve been practicing this combo, but it’s difficult to do. Mainly due to execution time and the amount of charging time. It was shown on Mopreme’s 3SLinkMovie:

Jump in HP, standing MK, jab flash chop, back + MP, EX Elbow Rush, cancel into boomerang raid.

Landing this would surely mean you’re doing it for show, and I’ve been doing this combo @ home but in the arcade is surely more difficult.

Anyways, I think this smaller combo is more realistic, HP or MP flash chop, MP, then EX elbow rush. It does slightly more damage than the usual FP flash chop, then FP hyperbomb.

holy shiznit Proteus thanx for that mope combo
gonna go try it now