Seth 67- and 75-hit combo *VIDEO*



I’ve tested out today how many hits I could get with Seth, my max was 75 and I made a video of it :stuck_out_tongue:



Nice combos… i’d guess you’d probably get more with:

Crouch LP
Crouch MP

= Stun

Sonic boom
Jump in HK
Crouch HP
Jump MP
EX Engine
Crouch LK
Stand LP
Crouch LP
Stand LP
Crouch MK
LK Hyakaretsu
Ultra 2

Eh, maybe not, only works out to about 72 hits.


Good stuff. I think the max range cr.MK xx Boom is seth’s only buff in this game. I like it.


Yeah its real nice buff actually.


I didnt know what. Did got more hit/block stun or what changed?


I could do this combo in SF IV without U2 though, I don’t know if it’s a buff or not. They’ve nerfed his telport so he’s aint as good as he was :confused:


I’m guessing has more hit stun cause start up and speed of SB seems the same.


I’m pretty sure it’s not a buff, just the Crouch MK cancelled in to boom brings seth forward a bit, allowing it to combo from long range.


dude that was a sick combo vid, the only thing that would be sicker is seeing you pull it off in a money match for my house.


Wow dude… a House Money match. Like… loser is fucked straight up the butt.


Someone needs to land that combo in a real match, preferably with the opponents mic on at the time! :stuck_out_tongue:


It didn’t combo at max range before, and now it does…how is that not a buff?

That would be awesome. A few days ago i landed the instant dizzy “combo” on a Ryu player for the 1st time in an online match, it felt great, and luckily the Ryu player could appreciate it too and sent me a “nice combo” message afterward =D


I think that one combo vid that just came out had a 77 hit combo :open_mouth:


Yepp, he stole my combo but after stun he did Sonic Boom - Wall Jump -, hk, which I thought about after doing my little combo video, that cheat bastard. I was going to record that combo, then I saw that he did it in his combo video XD


SSFIV AE Vr. 2012: Seth Combo 74 Hits

Damage: 624
Hits: 74 hits
Gamertag: StatuaryPoem29