Seth DP change in 2012?

Someone told me seth’s DP had some invincibility changes in 2012. I don’t know if it was ex or non-ex. Can someone confirm yes or no?

For whatever reason I seem to think that EX would beat out Akuma’s air fb no matter when he threw it in Super, but it’s probably just my bad memory. I haven’t had any DP, EX or not, lose to something that it didn’t lose to before. Had a ton of games where both characters would EX DP on the way up and Seth would always win out in the end.

I’ve been trading some stuff with Fierce SRK, but I’m probably just doing it too early. EX DP still beats everything.

Apologies for the noob question as I am just picking up Seth. I was wondering which one of Seth’s DP’s has the most invincibility? I know there are characters like yang where his lk DP is the only real useful one due to invincibility frames. I find myself getting beat on the DP by quite a few moves so was wondering if there are any DP’s I should avoid if looking for the invincibility?

EX DP has the most (22 frames) MP & HP have 7 frames and LP is only throw invincible.