Seth errors




I have been using Seth for a long time(G1-E 1900GP) and there are some problems that I have never been able to figure out.

  1. Sometime when I try to do a sonic boom, seth try to do piledriver(I have seen Sabin do the same problem)

  2. When I spin the joystick/pad to do a EX Pildedriver, he does ultra

  3. When I spin the joystick/pad to do a Pildedriver, he does super

  4. Sometimes when I try to do his ultra, he teleport instead

  5. Sometimes when I try to do his super, he does shoryoken

  6. When I do :dp::3p:(teleport), seth teleport at the end of the map, but he is supposed to teleport behind enemy

So, my question is, how do I ignore these errors?

  1. Make sure you don’t go from B to F or DB to F, that’s when you risk an SPD.

  2. for som reason, if you spin the stick too fast in this game, you always do super/ultra it seems. Spin it a little slower, or for a shorter period of time. That might do the trick.

  3. same thing.

  4. That’s the classical “doing QCFx2 too sloppy” problem, make sure you end the input woth F+PPP, not DF+PPP.

  5. same thing.

  6. Dont really know what you mean, but if the enemy moves backwards when you use DP+PPP teleport, you might end up in front of them.


tack mannen

  1. This generally happens if you jump/jump back and by-pass center/neutral on your stick/Controller. You need to make sure you ALWAYS go back to the center/neutral.

  2. You’re doing a 540-720 meaning you hit the same quarter-circle twice and it will register that way.

  3. Same as 2.

  4. Buffer starting from Down instead of forward.

  5. Same as 4.

  6. :r::d::r::3p: Is to teleport behind your opponent, assuming your on the left and he’s on the right.


What he’s saying for 6 is that, if you’re at literally max range (backdash after an ultra, for example), and you do forward punches teleport, you actually teleport behind them (Right side), but then get instantly pushed through them to their front (Left side).


Np :3


Another error which just made me lost a G1 Final, when I try to do EX Shory, he does EX FUCKING TANDEM ENGINE. Why? How many buggs does this game have?


An EX Shory is :dp::2p: is it? I have no clue why when the tandem engine is :qcb::p:.
My only guess is your doing it either too fast or too sloppy.


I admit that I do it fast, but still, it shouldnt do tandem engine


I actually have the opposite problem, sometimes on a stick, I try to do QCFs, and end up getting DP command in the opposite direction. This kills me a LOT when I’m playing gouken, since he has 4 different moves with the DP command… =[


Because Seth has so many command input moves the move inputs tend to be quite similar/overlap and due to the shortcuts in SFIV, this makes getting exactly what you want somewhat difficult. Today I got EX Shoryu when I wanted EX SPD, my mistake cost me the game. My advice is to practice your move inputs in training mode and don’t use the shortcut motions. Play around with speed of your inputs to see whats possible and of course when dashing or jumping etc don’t forget to let the stick go back to neutral before you do your move input. Hope this helps.


The only TRUE error that I see with Seth, is the fact that your teleport becomes an EX SRK if done right after a sonic boom. This has made me lose rounds more times than I can remember.


Yes I agree, evreything else is our mistake as players i.e. us not doing the motions perfectly.


Random SPD anyone?


I don’t have that EX Shoru problem (i don’t use a PPP button btw)

Just have to be precise.

The random SPDs yes but rarely happens, after jumping back maybe?

They can happen though but Seth is still awsome!


It doesn’t have anything to do with a PPP button. There’s just something in the game that will not let you teleport for a set amount of time after a sonic boom. I’m going to assume that this was put in the game to stop the Sonic Boom coming from one side, Seth coming from the other mixup from being too good.


Yeah that seems to be it. You can still do it, but you have to burn 2 EX bars to Focus Cancel the Sonic Boom, limiting its use.


i love your signature, because it makes me think of when you hit someone with seth’s ultra,the announcer says that, and then seth says “it’s over.” and then you win the round. it’s good stuff.


i can do that mixup like every time!!!

what about teleporting in front of them with kicks?


every time I jump back then try to throw a sonic boom and an SPD comes out I want to kill myself