Seth @ EVO 2k10

So, so far we’ve seen onlineTony, DemonHyo and even MR. WIZARD use the CEO.

OnlineTony seems to be the only one having CONSIDERABLE success with him.

I’m still waiting on jalapNo to show up. WHERE ARE YOU MAN?!?!?!

EDIT: Tony lost to random Fuerte. Airthrows are fuckin cheese.

No Seths in losers or winners, meh. :frowning:

EVO makes me sad. At least Sabin might still pick him eventually, but I doubt it.

Guys, Tony is still in though. He’s just in losers. And up against Tatsu of all people. Damn.

Well I think he can beat Tatsu. He has done so before, although that was casuals so you never know.

I don’t think Sabin will risk playing with Seth at this point to be honest.

Agreed Sabin’s main has always been his Sim and now Rose is his new alt. He is doing very welll without Seth.

I wish OnlineTony nothing but the best, he is a stand up guy and his Seth is just amazing. Major props to him for taking Seth into the semi finals. We’re all rooting for you Tony!

Any videos out?

Not yet… that I know of. Check out the stream.

What happened yesterday to Tony:

So IIPeru, apparently one of Utah’s top players, sent Tony to losers. Tony then eliminated IIPeru (who on his way eliminated vVv Scrub/PR Rog) to proceed on to top 32.

Tony vs Tatsu I think will have really one-sided rounds. Like, either Tony is going to dominate, or Tatsu is going to dominate. Vega has his own mix-up game too and one ex.Barcelona>IzuDrop hurts a lot.

Yeah thats true. Claw also has a good kara throw, but he can’t deal well with being rushed down and Seth has good mix up offense, which Tony takes full advantage of. It can go either way… Tony is the best Seth in the U.S.A. for sure and Tatsu is the best Claw (in my opinion, anyway).

This is ridiculous. The Super glitch fucking Seth players in EVERY situation.

EDIT: Tony is out, good matches.

He had execution problems, wether it was because of the stick or nerves.

Good shit tony, made it far, Vega’s flips are fucking disgusting.

Vega is a pretty tricky match-up. It’s like trying to get a hold of a slippery soap.
Does Seth have anything that can capture his back flip, except for lp.tandem?

Yeah nice going Onlinetony, what the hell was wrong with the stick?

Hyakuretsu grabs the flip if you time it right, Ultra1,super,ultra2 and tags the short flip if it was done at poin blank.

I don’t know if it was just the stick giving out problems. it might have been nerves or something. we’ll see when he gets back.

Nice one Tony on getting as far as you did.

Anyone have an archive of matches anywhere? As far as I can see, stickam don’t provide archives of videos, unlike ustream and :(.

This being EVO, all matches must have been recorded. It’s just a matter of time, till they surface.

Seth will never be competitive until Capcom make his stamina at least even with Akuma! Damn man, that shit is just unfair!!!

Seth is just BARELY competitive. Before, he was definitely competitive. He got nerfed way too hard on things that were essential to his gameplay.

Working really hard just to get them stunned and low on health then get ultra’ed and have the equal life happens all too often. On the other hand it makes watching good seths all the more fun as well.

Yep, Capcom hate us.

When Tony’s super glitch wiffed, I screamed at the top of my lungs “WORKING AS INTENDED S-KILLIAN?!”

you guys hear it on the stream? I know he at least turned around I was near the stage.

just so much bs.

both U1 and U2 glitched for tony on the big screen.