Seth for SSV

I mean, we all hated this character for being a lazily designed boss that enjoyed feeding off the tears of players. But as we saw him being played by more people, such as Poongko, we grew to love the nude ying yang man known as Seth. Being a boss character, and the fact that he was killed off in everyones arcade mode ending it is unlikely he will return in SSV. So vote people! Save Seth!

I’ve always thought Seth was “cool” and I’ve never understood why people thought he was poorly designed. He’s not the most unique character so I suppose people think that means it’s a piss poor design. Though I thought his personality was kind of interesting, from what little you can pick up. But yeah…it’s pretty unlikely we’ll see him again. Ono and all the scrubs pretty much hate him anyway.

He won’t make it past the sf4 series. I like him and his character, but he has too much hate from everyone else. People can’t get over his “OH he copies other characters moves” and the fact that he’s a naked blue person named “Seth”. Oh well.

I saw SSV, and I was like, “why Samurai Showdown?”

Anyway, his chances are about as high as Gill’s

if he would make it (wich I highly doubt…haters gonna hate) they should redesign his character they got it right with the big bossman style but

“in sf5 before SIN went under Seth went underground and changed his body to bla bla bla bla yada yada”

Or maybe:

“Juri/Viper/Literally everybody looked like they killed him, and he looks like he’s dead. But in reality, he’s just hiding.”

Works every time.

He+s not coming back. We’ll be super fucking lucky if he gets to SF x Tekken or Tekken x SF

I would welcome Seth into SSV so long as Gill and/or Urien can come along too.