Seth Hitbox Compilation



NOTE: Some of these hitboxes have changed with the AE update. Specifically, Stomps, Dive Kick and jb.HP has ceased to exist. There might be others.


st. or nothing = Standing = Standing close
cr. = Crouching
j. = Jumping
j.n = Jumping neutral
LP / MP / HP = Light Punch, Mid Punch, High Punch (respective)
LK / MK / HK = Light Kick, Mid Kick, High Kick (respective)

Frame Data

Hit Boxes

Click on the move’s name to show its hitbox.

st.LP | st.MP | st.HP
st.LK | st.MK | st.HK | | | |

cr.LP | cr.MP | cr.HP
cr.LK | cr.MK | cr.HK

j.n.LP | j.n.MP | j.n.HP
j.n.LK | j.n.MK | j.n.HK

j.LP | j.MP | j.HP
j.LK | j.MK | j.HK

Tanden Engine
Sonic Boom
Hyakuretsu Kyaku

Tanden Stream (U1)
Tanden Storm (U2)

Dive Kick
Focus Attack

Think that’s everything that was in the videos. Moves like Hyakuretsu and Shoryuken are pretty much the same ,hitbox-wise, in all their versions. I wonder why there’s no Typhoon on the videos… And I won’t be able to get you j.MP because there wasn’t a clear shot of it on the vids, but I can tell you that j.MP has two different hitboxes for each of the hits and the 2nd is quite higher than the 1st.

Understanding all this stuff

White Numbers:
Range of the Throw/Hitbox.

Long horizontal solid yellow box:
Makes the opponent block, instead of walking backwards, if he’s within.

Transparent yellow boxes.
Stands for the physical place your character consumes. No hurtbox! This makes you simply unable to walk through each other.

Solid red boxes
Hitbox. If this meets a hurtbox, a hit / block concludes.

Solid blue boxes
Throwbox. If this hits a Grabbox, a throw occurs.

Green lined boxes
Hurtbox. If a hitbox from the opponent strikes this, you’ll get hit.

Blue lined boxes
Grabbox. If a Throwbox of the opponent collides, you’ll be thrown.

Red lined boxes.
Hurtbox like mentioned above, but is immune versus projectiles.

Magneto has HitSPHERES



Good shit Kanta, get us some moar hitboxes :smiley:


Thanks a lot for this! Don’t suppose you can up an image of the first few frames of U1? Would like to see the anti air hitbox a bit better and maybe see if there’s a visible reason for the U1 no-stomach-damage bug.


Awesome, thanks a lot. S.C.HP is much better than I thought, better start using it.


It’s up now hawkins! The hitbox on that switches position around every 2 frames, it’s not a continuous motion through the screen. It also hangs at the last position for a bit longer I believe.

All that is up there is pretty much all you’ll be able to get from the vids. i’ll check to see if there was a stray j.HP or a stray j.MP so I can cap them, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Also, no Typhoon, booooo.

Ninja, st.HP is good, but the range at which you need to be to activate is really small, so it sometimes fails as an anti-air and gets you a stretchy arms instead. Should definitely be a command normal IMO. like back.HP, similar to Dhalsim’s Knee.

EDIT: I’m a genious. Seriously. The dude failed the execution on an HP.SPD and got a j.HP instead, managed to cap that :d
We now know the sequence code for the launching of the weapons of mass destruction.


Yeah that’d be a useful buff, not sure really though never used it effectively yet. Thanks again for the uploads


The whole reason you probably haven’t used it effectively is because it’s so easy to get long arms instead.

On topic: standing MP has a weirdly high hitbox, has anyone tried using standing MP as an anti-air?


I use it now and then for far jump-ins and it works pretty okay.


It works for me, but I don’t try to use it. Normally an Srk which I screwed up.


GAAAAAHH he doesn’t have the info for neutral Jump hp / jumping Back HP or the Jumping Forward/ Back MP ====///////


Based on this, is c.LK a really good counter poke?


What are you talking about Bro? j.n.HP is there an j.b.HP is exactly the same. I explained why I don’t have j.MP.

And the hitbox on Jumping Stretchy Arms is ASSSSSS. ASS.

I’d say so. His hurtbox is waaaaay back while his hitbox is pretty big and portruding.


I’ll have to use it a little more then :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait… in like… footsies?

I wouldn’t try that if I were you :frowning:


Sometimes you need dem footsies.


Lol, footsies. Seth’s best poke is probably st. or c. fk


The divekick link is broken.





kanta are the start up frames different for the jumping stretchy arms? Cause I noticed if I hit them on the way UP against Zangief he can’t hit me with Lariet at all.