Seth In A.E. (Discussions And Videos)



Well Guys A.E. Has Been Released Over Here In Socal
I Haven’t Played It Yet It…But I Will Try To Tomorrow And Give U Guys Updates On How If Seth Is Ass Or Not…

This Thread Will Be A discussion About His Real Changes And Confirmed Stuff for seth…
in Arcade Edition
And Videos

OK Guys I Went TO family Fun arcade Today And News Is Very Good And Bad…

“”""""""""Seth’s Good Stuff

Health is Increased and Stun…

Seems Like Forward Punch PPP Teleport is like VANILLA!!!

Dive Kick Is Faster…
But Blocktstun of a light punch…if hit from high dive kick…u can still uppercut out of danger right afer…

U1 Is Still Like Super

Sonic Boom Recovery Time Decreased

LP SPD Got increased in range…or the same

Fierce Punch Shoryu Is Still God-like and beats everything still…

Legs Damage Increase

Seams Like LP Tandem Engine Has Less Recovery
This One Time I Tandem Engined And He Jumped At Me And I Recovered in time to block…but has to be lp version though

Everyother tricks from super are still there like cross up after SPD""""""""""""

“”""""""Seth’s Bad Shit

Stomps Only Hit On Buttons Pressed
…meaning Say If U Jump With instant stomp the hit will only be out for that 1 second
So U Have To Time Ur Stomps On Specific Characters Depending On Their Size…Like Guy for Instance…stomps have to be in different timing…

U2 can be ULTRA’D Back!!!
Not Comfirmed Yet But I Heard If Opponent’s Ultra Is Wasted Then U Can Still Chip With U2…
Other Than That U2 Still Combos The Same Way…

Jumping Fierce (Sim Arms) Is Gone
Replaced With jF fierce he already has…and still has good priority over other jumping normals…

Smaller Hit Box On Stomps But still Can Perform like Super…but needs timing""""""""""""""

“”""""""""""“My Opinion On Seth IS”""""""""""""""

I’m Gonna Miss The Back Fierce…punishing stupid jump ins and whiffed stuff…
i’m gonna have to start shoryuken punish jump ins a lot more…
Love His Dive Kick Speed…Way Faster Than Super…But Not As fast as Vanilla dive kick…
Hate his block/hit stun on dive kick but i can live with hit…
Stomps are different…but i adjusted easily on how they work…
still can do instant overhead stomp…only on normal/big characters…
not sakura, juri, cammy, and guy i think…
Matches Like Zangief , Honda, Balrog, and other matches where u have to run for bit…
no more j. FP…
but still winnable…

Seems Like This is a Slight Change…Something I Don’t Mind…I Was Having fun…
I Had a 9 and 15 Winning Streak with Seth…
Sucks That U2 Isn’t Broken No More…
Thats Pretty Much It…I Like His Changes A Bit…I Can Still Work With It…

“”""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""“YAY”""""""""""" “”""""""""""""""""""""

I Recorded Some Matches And I’ll Upload Them As Soon as I Can…


Look forward to hearing feedback about ae from someone that actually knows how to play him!

If there’s any chance you could get some footage recorded of you playing him too would be really appreciated!


yeah man i was gonna do that…since its A.E. and all…
just gimme at least 2 days




the faith of seth is in your hands tony



1:33 divekick combo \o/

1:05 :`(


LOL Wow…Behold the power…BLAPPPPPPP


Wow, that was no 12 frames of invincibility, that seemed a lot less.


From what I’ve seen so far he definately does not look better than he is in Super right now, we’ll see.


don’t think theres been 1 vid of someone doing full riverdance -> divekick in ae

cr.fp-lp.shoryu-headstomps better not have gotten fucked with

and man it’s gonna be like unlearning muscle memory to not do yoga snipes. so many times i nearly cringed in those vids because it would have been a perfect opportunity for j.fierce ;(


In the vid above it looked more like chunli riverdance, which fucking sucks ass. I’m sure Tony will comment on that after his playtesting though.


from the other AE thread

ugh :confused:

divekick sounds terrible


UltraDavid On twitter

I dunno…

About the Ultra1, maybe he just has no invincibility against fireballs? So you’d have to tag the other guy with the ultra before his fireball touches you. idk…

0:40 either yun has a fat hitbox or we might have gotten a small cr.lp buff.
0:58 stomp nerfs at work, getting beaten air-to-air by yun’s DK.
The ultra2… there’s no way that was 12 frames invincibility… something’s fishy here…
1:40 he stomps and the stomp then retracts very quickly… i’d say somewhere along 4 active frames if not less.


‘seth should turtle more because offense nerfs’

What he fuck? So much for wanting to give us incentive to be more offensive. Not to mention divekick sounds pretty much useless, blockstun of a light attack? Get the fuck out of here…


theres a full riverdance without divekick on the right screen
someone found that out in the other thread


you mean right at the beginning, hoek?

I think he did df+HK so he just walljumped… damn. more Seth info plz :frowning:


I said they were player impressions that my friend told me as he was reading the Japanese BBS. None of it could be accurate or true.


Thank god for Tony, those people playing Seth obviously didn’t know how to play him.


ultradavid’s a cool dude and really smart but judging by those comments it’s clear he has very little seth experience. unless there was a hidden buff to his teleport which I guess could make him have a better mixup game which leads to more damage. other than that idunno what hes talking about


UltraDavid seems like he’s a know it all, but doesn’t actually know a lot, so take it with a grain of salt.