Seth Is now Official Playstation Santa Monica Member


Oh sh–


Oh that’s just beautiful…


Cool!mglad to see hes on videogames still


Kotaku mini-interview:




There is really no excuse for All-Stars to not be good now.


Besides the fact that it’s a smash bros ripoff


I’m calling it now - PSABR will replace SFxT at EVO next year. :lol:


Dude, you could replace SFxT with Evil Zone and I’m sure it’ll get more people.


Well that was fast.

“I get knocked down, but I get up again…”


evil zone is awesome, though eretzvaju is more awesome


Playstation All Stars has quite the roster of Fighting game talent.


the graphics in this game are so desaturated and blurry


I’m sure he had accepted this job before he left Capcom. I really doubt he would’ve left without something else lined up.


Ofcourse he did. He left to join Santa Monica. He must have been bounded to keep it under wraps until then, obviously. I’m sure Sony will treat him better than Capcom did. Good to see he’s still sticking with the FGC.


you can only KO with supers in this game lol


I think its pretty cool an American dev is kinda scooping up some FGC people. Not for All stars (becuase honestly I dont get why you guys are reporting on it every week when you will just bitch its a kiddy game the week its out like all non SF4 games) but for future titles if they decide to make the jump into more serious fighting games.

Im betting the move was all aboot that $$$, bitches love men with $$$


yeah cause Capcom was treating him oh so bad…smh. You do know that he was actually going to be fully involved with all Capcom games but had to move to Japan which is something he didn’t want to do hence why he took the Sony job.


Someone didn’t read the Gamespot interview.

Sony getting a whole bunch of fighting game talent under their umbrella. Best of luck to Seth in his new position


hints are pointing towards DiveKick replacing it.

but it’s good that this will give the All-Stars game more attention. now if only they could find a way to have people stop bitching about the super system…