Seth Killian: Founder of EVO?

I was at Gamestop today and I saw some highlights from a SF4 tourney they ran at a Cali Gamestop on their Gamestop TV DVD they run. Anyways on the DVD, they had Seth Killian doing promo stuff for Capcom and on the screen while he was talking, it listed “Seth Killian: Founder of EVO.” Unfortunately, I have no real basis to judge as to whether this is true or not (co-founder maybe… but sole founder?). I’m going to guess no on this one. But in the meanwhile, this naturally leads me to wonder: Who did find EVO/B3 ?

apparently 64 people did, if you go by this article

but who are these 64 (assuming the article is correct)?

tom and tony cannon


When Evo was founded in 2001, there were 4 people involved. Tom Cannon, Tony Cannon, Seth Killian, and myself. These are the co-founders of Evo, and remain the four tournament directors for all Evo events.

That article seems to have a lot of info correct but it has little nuances slightly wrong.
“Almost all the top players in the world use the three original Street Fighter characters: Ken, Ryu and Chun-Li, and it’s these characters that dominate the scene.”

OK they got it 2/3rds right…

“Innovations like Daigo’s have led to things like infinite juggle combos and unblockables…”

infinites in 3rd Strike??

“Daigo did something that had never been done in the history of the game. Using the Parry…”

OK nobody ever parried a super before? I know of course that it wast the context that gets people all gaga over Evo moment #37, but cmon now…

Canadian player did it in 2002, parried the entire chun super with ken and came back with what I think is the same combo. This was at the T Tournament (don’t remember the exact number).

Now granted it might not have been as high profile as Jwong versus Daigo but it has been done in tournaments before.

That article is wrong in some many ways…

“Daigo destroyed Valle’s Ryu with his Akuma”

Daigo made a comeback on that set
Valle won the first games
it was actually a close match

He also says that parrying 15 hits its something amazing…
That parry is really really easy

the thing thats amazing from that video (and the main reason it was recognized) is the pressure that daigo had to overcome to stay calm and do that.

why do people HAVE to dickride Daigo?

Justin Wong had to fight against even worse pressure when he made his ciclops comeback.
Yet it is not as mentioned…

haha what a joke. the internet needs an omnipotent editor for all these dbags who want to give history lessons in shit they don’t know about.


give me a break. thats gotta be the wackest line ive seen written about sf

Duuuuuuuuuude Im so upset
the guy who wrote that article is such an idiot!!!

Im a Yun player and even I know that on EVO 2K4 finals, Daigo and KO went to the very last round (just like in 2003), and this fucker says Daigo got “destroyed” 3-0
WTF is that

I like KO better than Daigo but cmon I hate nuthuggers

EDIT: did he just say that potter and toan are two relative unknowns on marvel???

wat a dumb article. im so tired of the daigo fanboys

Oh jeebus third strike has infinites.