Seth Killian Leaving Capcom


His goodbye:

So tempted to say rage quit instead…

UMvC3 Tournament and Stream Commentary Thread

Sad to see him go. I always liked his commentary and interviews on games.

Now let’s wait for the Capcom Hate Brigade to show up.


It’s hard not to get the feeling he’s jumping from a sinking ship, but we’ll see what the future holds


maybe we can see seth enter some tourneys now


SFxT costing a lot of people their job :frowning:

Also “leaving” mid 25th Anniversary project should tell you that there is definitely something going on that we don’t know.


Damn SFxT got everybody leaving…


I’m only here for SFxT jokes. Of course nothing but respect for Seth’s hard work.


holy shit and i thought this was a troll post as well.


I want GOSSIP!

I want all the details in WTF happened with Strekken. Why Capcom fucks over their fans. Why Capcom is obsessed with Comeback mechanics. How many ladyboys and Bath Salts does Ono go through in a week. Why didn’t Capcom support 3SOE and won’t pay Iron Galaxy to fix the game and Iron Galaxy is using their own money to get the latest patch made.

Capcom needs to be exposed.

That said; Seth seemed like a nice guy, a lot of respect to him and you can tell that him not being to really say what’s going on internally displeases him more than anything else.


I kinda feel bad for the guy having to deal with the community at times. Best of luck to him wherever he goes.


So who replaces him?


As grand as that would be for the LI Joe show no one is stupid enough to do that. Probably locked behind hush contracts, future employment, face and liability issues


I’m surprised he held out as long as he did. Working for a company like Capcom has gotta be very very trying on one’s patience


good riddance. now all we need is for maximillian to leave so we can get some honest opinions on capcom related products


I’m sure there are plenty of top players calling/emailing/skyping their contacts right now.



I don’t think anyone has ever been pissed at Seth. I think people were more pissed at Capcom and Seth being unable to say anything due to corporate bullshit.

I wonder what he’ll do next though. In a perfect world he’ll collaborate with Mike Z and DJames to create the greatest fighting game ever. One can dream.


SFxT pr nightmare claims another one?

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I want to see someone like don’t know gootecks just for the lolz


He said before he could be working a better paying comfy job elsewhere, think he finally realized capcom America has no real say or input on shit , but be a shit shield for capcom japan,


keth sillian