Seth Killian.

Anyone know where this guy lives or his email address. We need contact information. I have urgent new for him.

I believe we should have Chuck Norris in this game since we already got bruce lee. If not him I would like a jackie chan clone.

if u can beat me in mvc2 ill give u his cell number.

hey, 2002 called, they want you to stop using their jokes. And creating threads for what should be no more than an SRK Lounge comment. And drink some motor oil

I accept that challenge. how shall we duel

I dont know who this Seth guy is but this guy here is gay…

Seth Killian has a character so i think Ono should get a character too.

sailorsaturn slowly unbuckled The_Destroyer’s retard helmet and sensually sniffed sweaty bald head. “oh yeah, i’ll pick MSP,” sailorsaturn moaned. “i never knew MvC2 was like this offline,” The_Destroyer whimpered as their tongues caressed.

challenge me on psn, my handle is rcaido.

and omg shaft u do great things sometimes.

I shall sir.

WTF!!! Why am i getting Friend Request & nude pics of guy name cheesedoodles408? Saying “Im ready whenever you’re”

accept challenge duh

Awesome. Someone better record this.

I dont have Mvc2 though…If you can beat me in HDR ill give you my asian wife…

asian wife hot? I never saw pics.

If I beat you can I have your kid? I have this new shoe line that I am trying to get off the ground but this heat wave is making all my workers drop like flies. Maybe if they spent more time sewing instead of asking for “agua” and “shui” their little asses would be tough enough to survive.