Seth Killian's play-by-play

Seth Killian is awesome, but his play-by-play left me laughing. Nearly every couple moves and he would shout “Play one reverses, saying ‘You can’t do that to me!’” or “When he does that he’s saying ‘You aren’t my buddy this is cold blood.’” He repeatedly describes every competitor as ‘saying’ some thing.
I think the dude is awesome and I couldn’t do what he does ever but his play-by-play style was kind of funny.

cool story bro

It’s supposed to be funny. I don’t remember who started the “says” thing, but it’s been awhile for a minute or two.

IMO, best is still Chris Hu on Daigo vs. Sanford were he goes “Daigo say dial a phone to Momochi and Tokido, that’s no the way for Akuma.”

… +1

I wish I could hear commentary from Seth on my matches in Arcade Mode.

I wish I could hear Seth describing what we’re all saying to each other in this thread.

Might give me some insight.

My favorite from Chris Hu that match was when Sanford ultra’d Daigo and he said “That’s nice by Sanford to help Daigo build the meter”

Noooo it is true I noticed this also I found it quite funny.

I hated that throughout Evo. It’s obnoxious.

Drunken Chris Hu is best imo.

“OH YEAH? Whatever, don’t care-GET BLOW UP”


quoted for emphasis

someone explain why S-Kill hasn’t replaced the annoying in-game announcer yet? Seriously. Do it capcom.

Best commentator was Keits hands down.

UltraDavid was pretty boss too

I loved Ultradavid’s commentary, but he needs a synonym for "unfortunate."
Also, I really hate how dumb the G4 guy was about fighting games. Really dragged the commentary down.

Nothing wong with copying the style of one of the best commentators around (Chris Hu).

"Daigo say, “You can’t miss the link… I’ll Punish you!”
“You CAN’T miss the LINK, Daigo said. I gonna punish you so HAR.”