Seth lookalike...Cinder

Seth’s alternate color outfit #9 looks A LOT similar to Cinder from Killer Instinct.

For those of you who don’t know how Cinder looks like…

And for those of you who don’t know Seth’s ninth color outfit…

Try to ignore the huge ball in Seth’s chest. I just find this quite odd as Cinder is my fav from Killer Instinct and whenever I play Seth(which is extremely rare) I choose his ninth color.

But what do you people think of this possible coincidence?

Just a coincidence on my end.

I think you and lenny should stop posting things.

Let this article enlighten you OP.,_pt._13

This shows Geegus from a game called “World Heroes” (which I’m actually admitting to being old school enough to have played it when it was in the arcade circuit) who Seth is probably more likely a rip-off of than anything else I’ve seen in fighters. Besides, Glacius is probably closer in look and playstyle (at least sharing the ability to teleport, (all characters in that game had overlapping moves anyway)) to Seth than Cinder…

Balrog’s Color 1 is a total ripoff of T. J. Combo, fuck you Capcom.

Nice link.

I don’t know who that is but, why should I stop posting? it’s just my opinion?

He’s basically saying not everything deserves a thread. If say, you were in a KI thread or a SF thread that happened to be talking about KI at the moment then the idea would be more appropriate.

Yes, I know it’s all very arbitrary but that’s the internet.

Do what you want but just know that if others don’t like it you may have to take some heat for it.

OK, but there doesn’t seem to be an off-topic section where I could’ve posted this.

I would have tried here.