Seth Maximum Hits in a Single Combo (Combo Video)

Just wanted to share 2 combo videos I made, and I’m wondering if 67 is actually the highest number of possible for Seth. I have an idea to make it 68 but I’m not sure :confused: Don’t want to bother with it to be honest.

you can actually get more hits,if u stun without wasting meter in one legs into stomp combo,after the stun do a jump hk,,cl.hp,ex dp,ex tandem,few jabs into lk legs and u2…

Initial stun should be 0. Unfortunately you can’t dizzy the dummy without “wasting” meter.

By the way there are better (In terms of hit count) ways to follow up after a stun.

Here’s a 75 hit combo

Those combos can only be done in classic SSF4 not AE, where Seth had 750 stun. Now he has 900 stun.