Seth Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

I noticed you poor Seth players are missing one of these threads, so here yah go. Go at it.

I’ve been to places that said no Seth and no Gouken. People just get scared of them really quickly since they weren’t playable in the arcade version. Most places that know what they’re doing don’t seem to have that though.

Anything SRK related will not be banning any characters at this point. Little stores that aren’t in the hardcore community will likely be banning Seth just because they’re too lame to unlock him.

What makes Seth supposedly really good? Is it the rediculous stun damage?

I think that on the lowest levels people assume that since boss Seth can do some ridiculous things for good damage that he’s totally kick ass and they think boss = instaban. Then at a separate level covered in the gootecks podcast and other places, if he has ultra and you’re at full screen, you’re going to eat it unless you have a move that changes your air trajectory since he can jab boom then if you fireball to cancel it ultra, jump it he can ultra, FA he can ultra, other super armor moves he can ultra etc.

He’s very good at limiting a lot of opponents options in certain situations. If he gets in a preferred spot with a preferred set up even more of your options than against Dhalsim are gone and that is very painful. He does do high stun damage for barely any gauge, but they aren’t that much higher Stun than a more gauge consuming far higher damage dealing combo from boxer or Honda. Definitely not enough to push him to ban status.

If his Ultra did the damage of anyone else’s ultra he would be considerably scarier though since he’s one of the few characters who have an ultra that doesn’t need to be combod into and thus will do full damage regularly since it in itself is a great tool to counter a lot of things (pretty much everything that doesn’t recover super fast regardless of range and great as an anti air.)

I think that once he gains ultra that as long as the Seth player is competent that should mean a certain chunk of your health is guaranteed to be gone along with all the chip etc from trying to avoid it. This would be far scarier of course if you couldn’t combo Seth from over half health to Death with relative ease thanks to his stamina. I think just like against Dhalsim or Zangief as long as you deal with Seth in the right way and don’t treat him like other characters you can still beat him just the same as those two.

Personally I think he’s just below the Ryu and Boxer area in overall power for the game. He has great tools for many situations, he just has low health and damage to make up for it.

What do I do against E. Honda? His normals just kick my ass all the time >.<’

This is currently my bitch-ass strategy:

lp sonic boom, backdash, lp sonic boom, backdash, walljump-> 1 headstomp, lp sonic boom, etc.

Punish his jump-ins with lp shoryu -> headstomps, and just stay out of range of his buttstomps. Don’t get counter-poked while using j.fp. Basically, treat Honda like Gief, only you can’t punish his attacks up close and he has almost no way through your projectiles.

Seriously, I think this match is so stupidly in favor of Seth because Honda has no answer for runaway covered by sonic boom. Honda players, am I missing something?

Running away does leave Honda with very few options since even on EX his headbutt will just flip back a little bit over a jab boom, I think that’s almost more important than the damage it does!

Also, keep in mind that you can punish almost everything Honda can use to get in. Blocked fierce headbutt = MK lightning legs, blocked butt splash = free jab SPD, and other headbutts on block = free super.

I think this is worse than Zangief vs. Seth, to be honest.

And in a sense, Seth’s ultra does deal as much damage as some other ones. Immediately after landing an ultra, jump forward once - this puts you in a perfect position to go for your ambiguous crossup game. Only a few characters in this game have a real answer to crossups, so most of the time it’s a 50/50 shot at more free damage, with mixup possibilities if it gets blocked.

Wait, who has an actual answer for a crossup in this game?

Anyone notice any post-patch tweaks to Seth?

Characters with a teleport, Blanka, Zangief (not on wakeup), Balrog, and Abel (close s.fp beats everything basically, including crossups)

I noticed a couple things while playing Seth today. Has seth’s cr.fp always only been one hit on block? Also, I think if you do a FA lvl 2 and immediately do a cr.fp after the forward dash, you only get one hit. My execution is horrible today, though, so it might just have been me.

If you cross up blanka on wake up sure he hits you but normally once you’re on the ground if it was timed safe which with Seth’s abilities means a painful punish. Please explain Balrog’s as C. Fierce is good but on wake up it will still get destroyed. I had no idea on Abel and when someone teleports with Seth’s jump speed he can tag them with standing fierce most of the time, fierce SB some of the time, and ultra rarely.

You never said on wakeup. Also, you can’t safe jump blanka. Electricity is + on block and safe-jumping against EX up ball is really hard. As for the teleport, if you do a late cross up they’ll just block. If you do it early they teleport out and you don’t have time to land and punish. In fact, they actually can start jumping in on you before you land usually.

As for Abel, don’t take that out of context. The close s.fp has balls range, but it’s great versus crossups because it hits above his head, only takes 4 frames to come out, and you can cancel it into a roll for a mixup off the reset.

Almost every character has an answer to an early crossup with EX meter. And those with a command grab have an answer to a late crossup with EX command grab.

I assumed when Josh said perfect for cross ups after a knockdown that he meant on wakeup. If you safe jump you should beat electricity, safe jumping on EX up ball is really hard I agree, on teleport however I disagree if they wake up reversal teleport and you were crossing them up at the right point you should definitely have time to punish them with stand fierce. Great to learn about Abel though!

Again with the command grab, if you aren’t at a frame + from a crossup it wasn’t done well in the first place.

I’ve never beat electricity with a jump-in. Is that possible?

Also, Abel has no answer to a crossup on his wakeup except maybe rolling away if it’s misstimed or he EX’s. s.fp is not useful on wakeup.

The EX command grab isn’t done after blocking, it’s done on reversal against a ‘safe jump.’ Your attack whiffs because they are invincible, then you get grabbed when you land. This is most effective with Abel because his command grab is slower so you’re more likely to land before it comes out.

If you’ve got bizzlin reactions go for shoryu in those cases otherwise jumping away with a fierce seems like it would smack Abels who go for that fairly well.

I play a litle Honda myself, and Projectiles are a pain, yes. I believe Honda is the character with the poorest defence against projectiles.

But I never spam projectiles, so that’s why I’m getting owned XD I’ll probably start during this match-up though.

i just started playing seth a couple days ago and my friend whos been maining honda since the dawn of sf came over to play, you can ahnialate honda by SB and back jumping feirce all day, its embarassing. this matchup feels more broken to me then any other matchup in the game, i would imagine dan having an easier time with cyber sagat then honda having with seth

Does Seth have an answer for Guiles air grab?