Seth Request Thread: Volume 2

ok guys, im making a whole new thread for a fresh start.


-must have over 10 post in order to request

-nothing crazy

-MUST supply picture or give detailed discreption


-i’ll do human av’s but i dont like them

-i’ll do animated av’s as well but remember the shoryuken byte size (its not big)<-------------i dont want to have to stress that.

-i’ll do wallpapers every now and then

-i love doing non animated, artistic av’s

-i can color edit sprites!!!


My Works:

an av with this pic if u dont mind…anything will do really

could u remove the bats tho…thnx in advance

could i get a wallpaper with my name on it using this picture.

800x600 is fine.just go crazy with it.:slight_smile:

cancel my request

big picture, you’ll hopefully get it on tuesday.:slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping it real:D

Alright seth let’s see what you got…i want one with the four pics that i’m about to give you bud,i also want for you to put the border that’s around my current av bud and make sure it’s exactly the same as mine in colour,and put in the exact same text "team fantasy"and my name ofcourse.I’ll be posting up the other three pic’s of the "bullets"every 4 minutes.

2nd one…


and the last one…there you go bud,take you’re time.

is there any specific color you want big

you want an avatar right.

black with a little blue:)

yes an av seth.

looks like i got done a little quicker:

Big Picture:
no bender


Those are fucking nice.Thanks alot.:smiley:

That’s pretty neat seth…i like it man,but you think you could slow down the animation of the rotating bullets?..a bit to fast.

is this good

lol a bit faster bro…sorry for the trouble,i know how it is.

is this right