?Seth Request Thread?







please supply stock. :xeye:

hawt damn where have you been mr?Well gl with the thread!

Can I get Remy in his win pose and my name in the background. If you can you make it a future cyberist grafitti theme with avatar?

Hey Nero’s back!

Nero?! wut are you talkin about

Seth, mind if you can make one from this?

Just add the name Sephiroth on it. Always been a fan of your work. Should be very intresting to see this.

yo seth can you hook me up with an ava heres a gif thanx in advance i have nothing in particular that i want in it besides that pic so yeah SURPRISE ME!! :clap:



yo thanx again for the sweet ava sporting this shit right now :clap:

I would like to get an avatar with Cammy and Charlie in it with my name. Think you could hook that up for me pleasef?

Id like to make a reqeuest

Can I have bridget flying towards a basketball rim, all black in the backround with cameras flashing and make it say TPK on the bottom right and maybe air bridget on the top :clap:


Could I get one with a ken sprite in it?
edit: i’ll get you the sprite when I get home.

Seth, thanks so much man. Been a fan of Akira since i seen it in 95 you’ve captures the magic once again for me in the avatar. I don’t think i’ll be changing it for a long while. When I do i’ll come to you man.

Your the best imo when it comes to great art, the colors you use are always the best possible. Thanks a lot Seth.

Yo Seth…would you mind making me an av? It would be much appreciated. If you can, just have this guy as the main focus, and have a nice lookin BG and my name somewhere on there. If not, thanks anyways

here’s the image:


broken image mickey.


lol, i hate doing animations


damn you then skip homeboy…
anyways can i get an av of sentinel and storm and cammando

hey man, can you make me an avatar with an army of sentinels in columns all in thier taunt pose exect without the little lighting that comes out and in thier regular color, and the front sentinel i want him to be the black colored one and with the name Sinister-X on the bottom, hope its not to much to ask for:bgrin:.

StreetBomber sig is hot.

Seth its awesome thnx can I ask you one thing

Is it possible to make the basketball back to her yoyo?
if you have to do the whole thing over than forget it

Seth can u make me a Charlie Av but can u make him with long hair like a Super Sagian and have Electricty Flowing Through Him and in the background.since Charlie is “blanka” i thought that them would be cool. also with my name on the Bottom in White can u use the font that SRK uses for there title. !Thanks!