Seth Setups



I think we should list some resets, and setups because the safe jump guide is outdated and lacks a lot of new seth technology. Personally, I don’t have any great setups for Seth besides the standard ones like options after a SPD or after divekick. Hope everyone can contribute and organize information here.

Edit: I just wanted other people to contribute some setups that they already know of. If you want the generic seth setups, then here:

DP --> Automatic Divekick (It’ll be meaty) / Meatly Clk Pressure / Walk up SPD
Sweep --> Wait a bit and J.Roundhouse
Legs --> Teleport…walkup SPD/meaty pressure/go for a risky J.Roundhouse or Divekick/Walldive and go for a J.Roundhouse
After Hops and Divekick --> Dash once, meaty pressure / SPD / Rejump Divekick/J. Roundhouse/DP/Etc

^Just off the top of my head.


Hell no. You do it.


Pffft, we don’t actually make guides about Seth here, what’d you think this was, the C Viper forum? Our matchup list is still talking about proper usage of jump Stretchy Arms.



SPD ~ jump towards wall, wall jump towards Blanka, j.LK

How’s that for a set up? You’re welcome, Blanka players


SPD, dash forwards, high up divekick is a safe jump I believe. It’s fickle.

SPD, hold up forwards is a true safe jump and you can OS backdashes with mk legs. This safe jumps Ryu hp uppercut because of spacing (but not Akuma nor Ken, nor Ryu super).

After ultra 1, walk back lp sonic boom, PPP teleport makes the Sonic Boom cross up and you can combo off it into cl.hp aka the party starter. You can do the same setup after legs midscreen if they don’t quick stand - immediate backdash, lp sonic boom, PPP teleport. You can use KKK teleport to not cross up and combo into xx mk legs or xx sonic boom. You can also make the Sonic Boom not cross up by changing the timing on the PPP teleport.

After SPD, lp sonic boom FADC forwards PPP teleport sets up the above gimmick, but they can jump out of it. To stop this, you can do SPD, lp sonic boom FADC far hp. The Sonic Boom combos and you can actually get a U1 off of this.

Off SPD or SRK knockdown, mixup is the best. Meaty divekick combos easily into cr.lp -> cl.hp for another SRK knockdown, combo into legs near corner, or Sonic Boom FADC combo.

Lots of people counter Seth’s focus attack by jumping back. Threaten focus, then immediately dash forwards after they jump and hit them with U1.

Off an SPD, you can do a headstomp to bounce up and come down with a sneaky crossup Very gimmicky, very good in the corner still.

In the corner after an instant air headstomp, early will make you land with the opponent still in the corner. will make you land in the corner. has to be blocked crossup, depending on timing has to be blocked normally (can’t usually combo from it then), crossup, or can be blocked either way.

If people hold up after your jabs in order to avoid SPDs, either do an early mp/hp uppercut to juggle into stomps, -> stomps, or U1 them on the way down. You are required to laugh maniacally here.


This safe jumps Sagat/Cammy and is at least +4 on block. Which is nice because it lets you do a fake cross up without worrying about the timing…

After head stomp you can do j.HP to not cross up and land in front of a lot of characters. Can combo off of.
On some characters you can do j.HK and still land in front (Viper and Sak come to mind.)
Also on Sak you can SPD, wall jump, then head stomp on the way down. This might actually be good for ending matches since you fly far as fuck if you hit her mid-screen and do a fake cross up j.HK if she is in the corner…

LP Tanden (blocked) ~ cr.LK, cr.LP (blocked) ~ Headstomp ~ dive kick ~ cr.LP (>cr.LP or dive kick)
on Gouken.

SPD ~ fst.MK ~ jump towards opponent, j.HP
when done properly will shit on Dudley. This is the normal j.HK 3f safe jump but it really fucks with Dudley for some reason. Can OS MK legs to catch back dash, EX to catch SSB+Back dash. Cool part: MK Legs won’t come out if they mash Ultra (but it does if you do EX, and SSB will beat it if you do MK…shame!)

forward throw ~ dive kick will cross up some characters. forward throw ~ walk back a little ~ dive kick will too (this is hard as hell to spot…making it effectively a 50/50 for both players, haha.) It almost always avoids reversal DPs with the right timing but is like +2 on block so they can mash during the hit confirm.

forward throw ~ jump over opponent in the corner, j.LK trolls the shit out of some people since you can control what j.LK can do and it is impossibly hard to spot. Should usually combo to boot.

back throw ~ PPP teleport lets you set up some meaties. cr.HP is nice for catching people scared of SPD. Can use cst.HP to set up timing (see Poongko do this a lot…)

Hyakuretsu ~ LP Boom ~ PPP teleport works on almost everyone (for quick rising people.) KKK teleport doesn’t work as well. Take out the boom and you’re usually 0 or +1 and close enough to cst.HP xx Boom xx FADC (I gueeeesss you could do cr.LP, cr.LP)

Still compiling what works on who so sorry for not listing exactly what works haha. Doing some serious lab work the few days so I’ll post what I come up with later prolly.

Some random stuff to note:
Blanka - SPD / back throw recovery is roughly the same, which is bad for him, because if you wall jump after hitting him you WILL cross him up with your safe jumps or can do the unblockable if you want to.

Cody - SPD and back throw have different recovery. You cross him up on hit but if he blocks you don’t. Playing around with this…maybe with good j.HK timing, you can cross him up.

Cammy - SPD and back throw - gets up really fucking fast. That or she has a weird hit box. Or maybe she wakes up slower! I dunno…what gives?



SPD ~ dash forward ~ walk forward a bit ~ jump over opponent, late j.LK
Unblockable - if Cody guards normally, it’ll cross him up. If he guards for the cross up, it won’t. Should safe jump whatever as well.
Timing is a little tight. If you mess up the walking forward bit, it’ll just be a cross up j.LK. Easy enough to get down.

If nobody gives a fuck I’m just not gonna post these

I can probably make this work on Blanka too, but I have to figure out a way to time it after walking forward

edit: This works on Viper. The timing is a little different but the same stuff should apply since Viper’s reversals are rather slow.


i give a fuck and that’s a great and informative thread so far, thanks everyone


Awesome mixups you guys. I was actually going to post a new one that my friend found out, but I sort of forgot it. It was something along the lines of crouching fierce and a tandem after to cause the shoto dps to whiff…

I’ll figure it out again…eventually.


Honestly there are a bunch of goofy and awesome resets off of cr.HP but since it leads into Seth’s primary method of landing damage+stomps regardless, it is never worth it.


First post.

I frequently use cr.HP setups and resets during my matches, generally they work well against people who don’t mash, so don’t overuse them.

Here’s a few off the top of my head:

cr.HP, fj.HP/HK, SPD

cr.HP, fj.HP/HK, cr.LK, bnb

cr.HP, fj.HP/HK, instant stomp, divekick (or cross them up with HK/LK against larger characters)

cr.HP, fj.MP, HP xx LP Tanden

cr.HP, fj.MP, HP xx LP Sonic Boom (good idea to FADC the boom into SPD/pressure)

cr.HP, fj.MP, cr.LP, dash, SPD

Decided to post because having a thread for setups seems like a good idea because the Seth section is dead.


Thanks very much for the info. :pray:

Although I think an occational c.HP reset is nice.
Say you condition your opponent to get used to you doing the c.HP, jf.MP, LP SRK FADC > stomps combo.
Say your opponent has guessed right on the last 2 tries with this setup and has figured out your tendency for your follow up (could be running a set, who knows).
Say instead you do something like c.HP, jf.HP > SPD. You can do the SPD immediately when you land.
Could lead to the unblockable you just posted.

Is it optimal? Not really. It’s just a goofy quirky midscreen reset. I like it because of the speed of which you can SPD. It’s better than the corner c.HP (2 hits), c.HP(1 hit) > wait forever > SPD reset. I’m all about the fancy though…


Thing is if you land cr.HP you already got a better damaging guaranteed reset. But yes if you’re all about the fancy it is worth doing then lol.

If you’re in the corner you can do cr.HP, cst.LK jump over head dive kick or j.HK and it’ll avoid mashing. Early j.LK SPD probably works on most characters.

Actually it might be worth it after a stun. Landing head stomp resets can be a bitch.

Wow I fucking hate this Firefox bug.

Also I have no idea why anyone does that FADC combo into stomps. I guess it looks kinda cool but it also wastes meter and is generally pointless to go for. Would be more impressed by something else since you got two bars to use EX Tanden into style haha…


All of this.

It depends if I feel like being disrespectful or not when I get a focus crumple / tanden to connect. Respect = c.HP xx LP SRK, stomps Disrspect = go for reset.

As for the corner and stun. I choose to go for full combo ending in stomps because since it is in the corner you have the full mixup afterwards (low / high / left / right / grab; more specifically a left / right after the instant overhead).

I want FireFox 9 back.

I do the SRK FADC stomps because it is somewhat demoralizing. It lasts a good chunk of time. Your opponent is just about to hit the ground and you send them up into the air again. I often hear my opponents hit some buttons or hear their joystick move for them to tech even though they are still being combo-ed. AND you get a left / right / grab mixup afterwards. That combo could potentially serve to get a mental edge.


Okay. I think it was light tandem, chp, J.Fierce and then tandem again. Apparently it beats out a bunch of shoto moves.

I still think it’s somewhat practical as a reset considering the fact that damage scaling adds on quite quickly.

Another one I found Poongko using. EX SPD, Dash once, walk a bit afterwards and then automatic meaty divekick. It can crossup on fei.


Which SPD you use doesn’t matter for set ups unless you’re doing a really specific string into SPD (where it would be better to do HP SPD after a blocked cr.LK for the damage, but better to do LP SPD after two blocked cr.LK because of the range.) Unlike most grapplers they all put you in the same spot.


Had trouble at first but you can OS EX Legs on Cody’s unblockable by doing a hcb + KK after j.LK. This effectively makes Cody completely free after an SPD unless he does a reversal Super. Don’t know how reversal Ultra handles because I keep getting different results (pain in the ass having to record the dummy over and over again…) My theory is that you can safe jump with the unblockable by holding back as you j.LK in. If they reversal you should block whatever they throw out since you’ll end up landing in front of them, while if they don’t, you’ll be blocking the wrong way…but the j.LK will connect, so you can put in a delay cr.LP to hit confirm.

That’s my theory, anyway.


SPD, lp sonic boom, FADC, jump forward headstomps, j.roundhouse. I saw poongko and roxas seth do this


anyone have dp setups?


The goal is not to ‘set up’ uppercuts. The goal is to uppercut them when A)You can get away with it, B)When they’re afraid of a command grab, or C)When it’s free (jumps, on reaction to moves)