Seth Setups



my mistake i meant after dp


Sorry I’m used to dumb people on SRK.

I go for a crossup mixup after all 3 hits of the uppercut. Can’t be autocorrected effectively, otherwise you’re guessing Seth won’t divekick.

If they don’t quick stand and I already went for the setup, I go for a meaty tanden/low short/low jab or an empty jump SPD/SRK setup. Or a whiff divekick SPD. Or a non-whiff divekick into blockstring…

If they’re just not quickstanding, you can probably backdash and lp boom to set up the bullshit crossup boom teleport setup.


(Cornered opponent) cr.HP (2 hits), st.LP as soon as it can connect ~ dash under ~ “do stuff”

Incredibly character specific but lots of nonsense.
Quick examples:
Cross under Hyakuretsukyaku
Cross under cr.HP
Fake cross under cr.HP
Fake cross under Hyakuretsukyaku
Slide back and forth with cr.HK
Cross under DP
Fake cross under DP
Cross under cr.HK
Specific meaty combos with cr.MK (sometimes I noticed this was connecting really oddly but I didn’t look into it.)
lots of other stuff

Just about half the cast suffers from j.LK being blocked both ways in the corner at all times after a knock down. Someone pls give unblockables.


As a new Seth player, THANK YA’LL SO MUCH for these setups.


The general concept of this is well known, but I think it is nice to have it in writing. I have been lurking here for a while and I haven’t seen this particular setup mentioned. If it was, then I am sorry. Back throwing into the corner isn’t the most impossible of things IMO. Can be done after legs > toe taps in the corner. Going for a regular grab is a lot safer than going for a SPD.

backthrow into corner > whiff cs.HK >
j.LK = land in front (still a crossup and must be blocked so)
j.HK = land in corner (still a crossup and must be blocked so)

Works on:


Balrog (Boxer) *
Cammy *
Chun-Li *
C. Viper *
Dan *
Dee Jay *
Dudley *
Evil Ryu
Fei Long *
Gen *
Gouken *
Ibuki *
Juri *
Makoto *
Oni *
Rose *
Rufus *
Sakura *
Seth *
T. Hawk *
Vega (Claw) *
Yang *
Yun *
Zangief *

  • Seth lands in front no matter no matter the block when using j.LK

j.LK is a regular crossup against:
E. Honda
El Fuerte
M. Bison (Dictator)

Instead whiff cs.HP to get same side j.LK:
El Fuerte
M. Bison (Dictator)

I couldn’t really find a reliable way to get the same side j.LK on E. Honda and Sagat, but you can Magneto loop them (well E. Honda anyway…tiger uppercut is so good…)


another setup i saw by kusanagi’s seth. spd, dash forward,, dash forward and whatever you want. its especially good to catch the opponent offguard

going to the biggest major in my country soon, will study this thread, so i can mindfuck somebody there


This isn’t really much of a “setup”, it’s not even a mixup, but it sure is weird.

cr.Hp xx Hp.shoryu xx fadc forward xx instant headstomp

If done correctly, this will put them on the other side of the screen. From there, you can do sonic boom teleport, wall jump shenanigans, or just zone (lol).


Post a video.


A setup I found in training while messing around. It works on shotos and on twins, as far as I’ve tested. Its gimmicky and cool as fuck. Never seen this before so I claim credit, if of course someone else corrects me or pulls me up on it :slight_smile:

Voila, enjoy!

The input is , after first stomp, hold right, stomp then, hold left, early dive to crossup



^ That is sick as fuck.


Pretty cool. Too bad it’s quick stand reliant. It seems that a lot of people don’t quickstand stomps.


I’m having a hard time getting this consistently, anyone have any tips? Either my first headstomp will whiff, or my j. roundhouse crossup will whiff. Is it Character specific?


The headstomp has to be super deep. Aim for their toes, and right before Seth hits the ground do a divekick.

Characters have different hitboxes meaning you might have to space it differently but this should work on most everyone.


i dont know if this setup is new or viable, but i was messing about in training and it works on a few characters that i tested, standing and crouching

tanden engine (blocked) > (blocked) > lp spd

of course if hk connects then you can go into xx mk legs

also you dont really need the tanden at the beginning, its only there because it works best at point blank range.


cool setup bro


Soooo dead here despite this apparent top tier status.

Anyway, I wanted better oki from grounded hit confirms, and I managed to come up with a solution that (seems) to work on everyone as long as you’re close enough. cr.LK, cr.LP, cst.HP doesn’t work on a lot of characters for no particular reason, so I was a little worried. Turns out you can do cr.LK, cst.LK, cr.LP on everyone from what little testing I did. More importantly though, you will be able to cancel into HP DP. I believe you can safe jump 6f reversals (+Cammy/Sagat) fairly easily from this if you choose, or go for the cross up/dive kick fake cross up options. Bonus points for being able to tack in backdash OS. Extra bonus points for using EX DP: hits 200ish and gives you enough time to do any safe jumps you can come up with (gonna have to get creative though, because the typical ~ dash forward ~ jump is literally 1 or 2 frames too early to actually hit the opponent.) Unfortunately, EX DP will sometimes hit a little too deep against some characters (Cammy in particular, in again, what little testing I did) which limits safe jump uses against them.

Also if you want to gimmick the fuck out of someone, do a combo that ends with fst.MP, FADC forward and SPD.


You can do on everyone besides crouching Vega and blanka, and that’s only because whiffs on hit because they’re assholes.

Cammy and Sagat have 5 frame uppercuts and both wake up 1 frame slow.

Did you test cr.lp xx hp srk on crouching opponents? I know confirms like that are really weird. I messed around with that stuff a while back ( cr.lp xx hp srk) but my results were depressing.


Yeah. It seems to work more often than not because there is no ‘massive pushback’ button involved (cr.MP, cst.MP) Though this means it wouldn’t work on crouching Claw/Blanka (fuckers…)

assuming it works on most because it worked on characters that have “weird” boxes: Sagat (crouching), Sagat (standing), Guy (crouching), Cammy (crouching)


Since you guys are talking about meaty crouching normals, I had a quick question, how come I see a lot of seth players alternate their cr lp, cr lk during strings instead of say, chaining cr lk x2 then cr lp? Is it to make space between the normals so if they reversal srk between normals it will be blocked?


It’s partially psychological. Nobody will stand up if you do always do the same blockstring. If you do cr.lp then sometimes they stand up into it or uppercut and stand up. Being unpredictable, even if it’s only something that really doesn’t matter, is valuable.

Also, cr.lp cr.lp requires more precise spacing and sometimes you don’t get the right spacing for it. cr.lp is pretty much always going to work.

If you leave any gaps in between’s and cr.lp’s you can be uppercutted, you can’t safely throw out a jab against a shoryuken.